Friday, November 28, 2008

Some New goals

Well, I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! Ours was quiet just hubby and I here at the house, we cooked the traditional turkey dinner, and ate way too much, I fell asleep at 8 pm and woke up at 12am, and now it is a bit after 4 am and I am still awake.

I have been stitching, I have almost finished Snowman #3 and have started snowman #4, I will share photos soon. I am also trying to read more. the thing is I find myself getting stuck on the computer for HOURS at a time just surfing and hanging out on a lot of social/networking sites. This is seriously cutting into stitching and reading time, so starting this week I am going to try ot cut back my computer time quite a bit. But! that being said, I am only cutting back on certain blog sites I will still hit. Hopefully maybe I will be posting a bit more myself as well.

I cannot believe it is the end of the year already we are on the countdown to Christmas now! So I really want to finish my 6 snowmen by Christmas. That is my goal, and I think I can do it, if I can just stay off the durned computer!

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