Monday, June 26, 2006

SSSSOOOOO close I can taste it!

Ok, so how you can taste a happy dance is beyond me, but I am getting VERY close to a finish! All I have left to do is some back stitch for the grass and that is it, I should have a finished piccy tonight! that is if I actually get anything done on it, my mom comes in three days! and I have alot to do in preparation. Most of all house cleaning. and then I have to go to the Post office and mail out a love package for my DH and have them hold my mail while I am in California, and then I need to go to the store, and the vet to get my puppy some flea meds so she'll be protected while she is at the puppy sitters, while I'm in California. then I have some calls to make and lets see? I think that is it. So, I am not sure if I will get a finish tonight or not, but I will try! We shall see!
Ok, I am off to get to my list of things to do. Bye!


And,'s what we have all been waiting for!! Ok, so what I've been waiting for! The completion of November Quilt, by Paula Vaughan.

And now I can stretch it and get it ready for framing. Maybe just maybe I will have it done for my mother's arrival. It took me 68 hours to complete! and I started it in September I believe, I want to say the 25th, so it took just about 9 months to finish! But that is because I didn't work on it all the time, much of the time I was working on other projects! So, anyway, now it is on to my father's gift. hmmm...wonder if I can get it done before Christmas? For now though I am going to reward myself with some stitching of my own. Thank you everyone for the comments, and inspiration and encouragement I had while stitching this piece! You are all a part of it!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Still here, and stitching

Well, as you can see, I have changed my template I was tired of those blues and oranges, and decided to go a little differently this time. Just needed a change. On the stitching front I have actually been working mostly on Nov. Quilt, and it is basically just a bunch of backstitching. It is coming along slowly but surely, I could show a photo, but I sorta want to wait until I actually finish, because I am so close to a finish!

I am actually motivated now to work on it because I am so close to finishing. I think my little slump had to do with that. The fact that I was so close and yet so far away, I kept working on it, and I burnt myself out on it, so then I worked on something else for a bit, and now I have a renewed vigor for Nov. Quilt. So it is coming along. There is a lot of back stitch though, right now I am working on the Quilt itself, which is basically putting the detail on the different patches, so that is fun, but tedious. So, anyway, I am still here, and still stitching and I am hoping to have this done soon.

Monday, June 19, 2006

An early day for work

Wow! I am working an 8-4 shift today, I don't think I can ever remember doing this before. I used to not be able to get to work until abou t10, due to the bus schedule, but now with my license and very own car, I can get there earlier...which means i get out earlier...which means I can start stitching earlier...which is a great thing!

well, I just got done reading a bunch of blogs,ans can i just say there are so many beautiful finishes out there! How come i don't have one? is it because i keep choosing to work ont hese Big ole' projects that have no end? or is it because (And i think this is much more likey...) as soon as I get close to the ending of a project, I loose interest and toss it aside...such as I have seemed to do with November Quilt. I have spent I think two solid weeks on Dare to Dream. In that time I could have probably finished up the back stitching for Nov. Quilt, and maybe even had it framed by now!!!! No wonder I don't have finishes. I have to actually finish something first! So, tonight, away goes dare to dream and anything else except for Nov. Quilt, and I will finish it! My mom will be here to visit in a week and three days, and I am going to have the next two days off, and I will plop my behind in my stitching chair and stitch on it until it is finished! I must! The sooner I finish this project the sooner I can stop feeling guilty for still working on it! well, then I can feel guilty for not finishing my father's gift in time! I am such a bad obligation stitcher!

Sunday, June 18, 2006

storm troubles

Well, last night a nice big strong hefty storm blew through The big country, as they say here in my city, and it left it's mark on my home by knocking down almost an entire side of my fence! I ended up calling into work today so I could find someone to help me fix it, which I was able to find someone and thankfully my fence has been "repaired", but when DH comes back fromt he Middle east we HAVE to get a new fence built. I was lucky my puppy didn't run away, as I let her out this morning to use the bathroom, and usually I do the same thing and get my coffee started before going back out and calling her in, well I was in the midst of starting the coffee when a lightbulb went off in my head "THE FENCE!" knowing that one swift swoosh of wind could blow it over, and the storm last night was horrendous, I ran outside to make sure the puppy didn't get out, and sure enough there was my fence laying on the ground and my puppy sitting there with a look on her face like "Wow! My backyard grew!" So, I got lucky she is a timid sort, or I know she would have bolted!

So, anyway, that is how my day started and I just sat around like a lazy sloth all day watching tv. finally around 7:30 I decided to get up and do something productive....reading blogs IS productive...right? =P I was such a lazy bum that I didn't even want to get off the couch long enough to come into the computer room to retrieve my stitching that I had left on the scanner from the last time I scanned a photo of it. so, there I sat. I could have been stitching, but no, I just SAT and watched tv show after show...until right about 7:30 I finally decided I was disgusted with myself for being such a slug and got up to do something, but now I am in the mood to stitch so I will probably make some dinner and go back in and sit infront of the tv and stitch. Yes, that is how I will finish up my day.

Friday, June 16, 2006

I Give you three guesses and the first two don't count!

Can you guess what I've been working on? Yup, I'm still very stuck on this one. Which frustrates me because I know I could finish my mom's Nov. Quilt in a few hours, but I haven't so much as even looked at it lately. Maybe tonight I will work on it. Work has been hectic lately, pulling full shifts, which is a major cut in my stitching time, and yet, in the end will be alright because it is a major "not" cut into my stash money. Now if I can just figure out how to stay out of Target. does anyone else like that store? It is such a fun store, isn't it?

Well, seeing as how i have to go to work in 2 hours (And for once it is a short shift, yippee!) I am going to get off the computer and do some stitching.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Dare to dream...

That seems to be the one project I am stuck on right now. see? This is just why a rotation doesn't work for me. I worked on Dare to Dream for two days and got quite a bit done, but none of my other projects got very much work done on them. No work got done on Snow Valley Express, Patchwork Bears or Dolphins. But here is the picture of progress of Dare to Dream. Sorry it is sorta wrinkled. That is the lower left hand corner of the project. I am almost done with that area of the border, and a small part of the wolf that is right inside, the paw is outlined in yellow/cream there with the bottom touching the border. Do you see it?

Well, today is sunday November Quilt day...I am thinking I really need to get itdone SOON, as my mom will be here to visit for about a week, and I would like to have it done by then. Hmmm...? well, I am off from work today so I think I will be doing lots of stitching and housework and reading. what should i do first? Should I do the housework, and then reward myself with stitching and reading? Hmmm...of course not, afterall "Needlework forever, Housework whenever!"

Friday, June 09, 2006

Wow! But I haven't written in a ahwile. i have been sorta not feeling well lately, i don't know what is going on with me, but on wednesday I was so tired I couldn't stand it, yesterday morning i threw up twice and in the evening had dizzy spells and nausea and went to bed at 7:30, today I feel alright, so I am going to work. Yesterday I called out, and I'm glad I did because of those dizzy spells. However, I did get some work in on Dare to Dream. And today I plan on working on Patchwork bears, even though yesterday was Patchwork Bears day and today was Dare to Dream day.

My friend, D, keeps telling me that I don't feel well because I'm depressed about hubby being away, but I'm not. Who can be depressed with stitching close at hand? Just kidding! I have had a few days that were bad emotionally where I miss him, but then I just move on, pick up some stitching or go play with the puppy, and I leave it behind, and then everyone keeps asking me if I am pregnant! I took a test last night just to make sure-nope. So...I am feeling sorta normal today but only after 12 hours of sleep last night, and I am going to go into work today and hopefully feel better. I only have to work two more days until I get a day off. Oh yay, and I took yesterday off, so anyway. i am going ot go sit in front of the TV and stitch for a few hours until it is time for work. bye!

Monday, June 05, 2006

A whole lot of stitchin' goin' on!

Back stitching, that is! Yesterday I worked on November Quilt for about 4 hours. I even worked on it last night after work, which is weird, I hardley ever stitch at night as I am usually too tired to pick it up, and just want ot sack out in front of the TV. It is really coming along, i don't think I have much longer now, I have today off, and other than taking the puppy to get her shots this morning I don't have anything else to do, even though I may go see "The break up" with a friend later this afternoon. And, today is Nov. Quilt day too, so I am hoping to put alot more work into it. So, anyway, I am not going to post pictures of this one until it is finished. It's all just backstitch and so I think the effect will be best when it is entirely finished. I may try to go out and do some reading today in the sunshine too, we shall see. I see my stitching days slipping away as we are very short handed at work and so there are some full time hours coming up starting this week, so, I will probably get up early a few days this week so I can get extra time in with my stitching. Oh well, more hours means more money, more money just means more stash! he he!

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Dolphin Domain

Well, this is what I worked on yesterday! mostly just more grey! All that light grey that is in the face area of the larger dolphin here, that is pretty much it. Plus a little bit in the dolphin up at the top. I think I only got about 1 hour in on this one so not much got done, but a little can go a long way if I keep on working on it, right? well, today is Sunday and it is Nov. Quilt day. We shall see how much more backstitch I can get in today before and after work, as I don't go into work for another 4 hours and get home fairly early this evening (6:30, as apposed to 9) And I have Tomorrow and Tuesday off. And tomorrow is also Nov. Quilt day as well, so I am hoping to get lots done, but it always seems that whenever I say that nothing gets done.

I have actually been really tired lately, sleeping in later than normal for me then wanting to take naps and go to bed early, maybe I need to do more exercise. Well, I guess I will go do that right now!

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Saturday already?!

Oh man! WHERE did this week go?! I was supposed to ost a picture everyday of my progress of my rotation...well, I think a few days I didn't even stitch. yesterday being one of them. However, on Thursday I did work a bit on Snow Valley Express, and here is that photo. I worked mainly on the green in the trees. I really need to start concentrating on the train itself, but haven't been, there is a lot of detail in it, and quarter stitches and ugh, I am just frustrated with it, I think. anyway. So no work got done on Dolphin Domain, or Dare to dream, or The Abbey, or Patchwork Bears. I think I worked on November Quilt one of the days. well, it is Saturday and that means it is Dolphin Domain day, so I think I will go try to get something done on it. Actually, since it is a new month, I think I will switchout some of my rotation projects. Hmmm... I think I need to go root through my stash drawers and see what I can come up with. I should be looking into the WIP's drawers. But some new stash may need to come out, just as a motivation factor, what do you think? well, hope you are having a good summer. If you stop here and read my blog, could you leave me a comment? I like knowing people actually read this, and i am not just blogging to cyber-nothingness. Thanks!