Monday, June 19, 2006

An early day for work

Wow! I am working an 8-4 shift today, I don't think I can ever remember doing this before. I used to not be able to get to work until abou t10, due to the bus schedule, but now with my license and very own car, I can get there earlier...which means i get out earlier...which means I can start stitching earlier...which is a great thing!

well, I just got done reading a bunch of blogs,ans can i just say there are so many beautiful finishes out there! How come i don't have one? is it because i keep choosing to work ont hese Big ole' projects that have no end? or is it because (And i think this is much more likey...) as soon as I get close to the ending of a project, I loose interest and toss it aside...such as I have seemed to do with November Quilt. I have spent I think two solid weeks on Dare to Dream. In that time I could have probably finished up the back stitching for Nov. Quilt, and maybe even had it framed by now!!!! No wonder I don't have finishes. I have to actually finish something first! So, tonight, away goes dare to dream and anything else except for Nov. Quilt, and I will finish it! My mom will be here to visit in a week and three days, and I am going to have the next two days off, and I will plop my behind in my stitching chair and stitch on it until it is finished! I must! The sooner I finish this project the sooner I can stop feeling guilty for still working on it! well, then I can feel guilty for not finishing my father's gift in time! I am such a bad obligation stitcher!


Von said...

Don't berate yourself over your lack of a finish, Lana. You have been stitching and I'm sure you'll return to finish Nov. Quilt soon. :D

I remember when our fence blew down in a storm a few years back. Took my DH a couple of years to replace it properly! And he didn't have the excuse of being away on business or in military, lol!

Lili said...

I do relate to your analysis: I do have difficulties in finishing a project. Is it because I'm afraid of the final result? Or don't want to end it? Well... Anyway: in time, this will be solved and over...
I have also noticed that I tend to finish many things in my DH's presence. Is that your case?
You know that ring cushion? It's for next saturday, and I just can't get myself to work on it!!!
Take care!

AnneS said...

I have the same problem as you for finishing things ... hence my HUGE list of UFO's ;) It's that 'homeward stretch' where I struggle too, so you're not alone! :D