Thursday, June 22, 2006

Still here, and stitching

Well, as you can see, I have changed my template I was tired of those blues and oranges, and decided to go a little differently this time. Just needed a change. On the stitching front I have actually been working mostly on Nov. Quilt, and it is basically just a bunch of backstitching. It is coming along slowly but surely, I could show a photo, but I sorta want to wait until I actually finish, because I am so close to a finish!

I am actually motivated now to work on it because I am so close to finishing. I think my little slump had to do with that. The fact that I was so close and yet so far away, I kept working on it, and I burnt myself out on it, so then I worked on something else for a bit, and now I have a renewed vigor for Nov. Quilt. So it is coming along. There is a lot of back stitch though, right now I am working on the Quilt itself, which is basically putting the detail on the different patches, so that is fun, but tedious. So, anyway, I am still here, and still stitching and I am hoping to have this done soon.


AnneS said...

Way to go, Lana ... you'll get through that backstitching quickly, you'll see :D Your Mum's going to love it! :D

Von said...

That's how it happens for me very often too, Lana! Working on another project renews my interest in the old one. :D

Lili said...

Close to a finish! You can be very proud of this stunning project! Looking forward to a pic!
Take care!