Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Stitching Away in Grey

Well, I have been stitching...and here is a photo of Dolphin's Paradise. This is a project I started in my college days, right aroung the time I started Holiday airing. I have almost one whole dolphin finished! I think this project is coming along pretty quickly, just get tired of working with all those greys!

I have not worked on Patchwork Teddies for a while, at least this whole week, but I didn't share a progress photo of it either the last time. I completely finished the upper right hand corner patch and started some of the backstitching! I have been a very lazy blogger lately. I haven't wanted to post photos, or even write at all. And I have no excuse, except for my reading, which is "getting in the way" of my stitching time LOL.

Yesterday, the weather was so awesome, that I actually laid out and suntanned for a bit, got a tiny bit of a sunburn. Today it is sorta sunny but it is really windy, so no tanning for me. Plus, today is Weds, and that means rolling newspaper day. I have them done and am just now relaxing for a bit. I have really been int he mood to do some cookie baking, I have been wanting cookies. and i think I am gonna go hog wild tomororw and make batches of chocolate chip, oatmeal, and peanut butter, maybe even peanut butter/oatmeal/ chocolate chip...and maybe sugar cookies too. I make cookies but they don't stick around for long, and this time I want to have plenty for me to meet my cookie cravings. Pretty soon that will really happen, as we ordered a case (Yes, that is 12 boxes!) of girl scout cookies from my nieces. My mouth has been watering for those thin mints, and shortbread cookies, and peanut butter sandwich cookies so I thought if I made some cookies to tide me over until they get here then I will be alright. I couldn't justify going out and BUYING them from the store, since we have already invested over 40$ in cookies already, but as long as I already have the ingredients here, why not? Well, I am off to relax for a bit before DH comes home and we have to go out and throw all these stinkin' papers to unsuspecting victims who think we are littering on their lawns!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

A nice, relaxing, rainy Sunday

That is today. This morning we ran the route and got home around 4:30, and went right to bed, we woke up at about 10:30, and went down the street for donuts, we sat and read the paper while drinking our coffee and eating our donuts. (one perk to delivering papers: if you have extras, you don't have to pay the $ for a Sunday paper!) Then we drove over to Taco bell, so hubby could indulge in the 59 cent taco's on Sundays, then we came home and we watched a movie, well we started watching the movie, but I wanted to get on the computer and catch up with my blog! I have google reader, and yesterday I had like 46 feeds, not too bad, but I read about half of them, and then today I log in and there were 58 feeds! I feel like I will never catch up! And then I decided I needed to write in my own blog. I have been stitching, mostly on "Patchwork Teddy's" and yesterday I picked up "Dolphin's Paradise". I need to post a photo, I know! Maybe tomorrow! So, that has been my day so far. I am probably gonna read some later this afternoon, and when DH is done watching his movie and dominates the computer I will probably sit and watch tv, and do some more stitching.
I am really into the book I am reading right now..."Beach Girls" by Luanne Rice. This is #10 for the year! I think I will be finishing it soon, like I am shooting for tomorrow, then it is onto #11 of my "To read list" For 2007. For some reason, I have become obsessed with books! Next year I want to read all the books that are on "Oprah's book club list" I have read three of them so far, but I want to work my way through them, as right now I am really stuck on certain author's that I love, and so I am obsessively reading everything they have written, but I need to change it up a bit and read some new author's, I may find something I enjoy. I have a tendency to stick with what I know. And so I am just stuck reading this handful of authors, because I know they write some good stuff, but I want to branch out I think and find others that I may enjoy as well. Ok, enough about all that, I am off to pour a cup of coffee and cuddle up in my bed and read the afternoon away and then when I get bored of that I will probably pick up some stitching, and go to town on it! I am hoping you are all enjoying a nice relaxing Sunday as well!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Well,the past few days I have been stitching very little. I stitched for about two hours while DH and I watched the last "Rocky" movie the other night on DVD. And other than that, I have done nothing! Stitching wise. Monday I played my new SIMS game, Tuesday I did a little bit of everything, I read some, I stitched a LITTLE, I did a lot of laundry, (4 big loads) and lots of dishes, and I was basically just a big sloth all day. Yesterday was Wednesday, the day the extra free publication goes out for the route, so I spent much of my day rolling papers, and getting them ready to be delivered when Hubby got home. I didn't even play the game, and I read a tiny bit, and no stitching at all. I was really sleepy yesterday. I took a nap, and was just lounging around. I did mow the lawn and do one more load of laundry.
I got a bit done on Patchwork teddy's while watching the movie the other night, I finished the upper right hand squared patch, the purple one with the pink heart in the middle, it took a long time, too! I wanted to get that one done then start on the backstitching of that patch and some of the ones I have finished around it. I finished some of the backstitching. I will share a photo later. I want to work some more on it today, I think. Then share a photo. We'll see, you know how when you set plans to do something usually it doesn't go as planned.
I have been tired, and just wanting to lounge around lately. I also am falling behind with my reading. I have been reading the same book for almost three weeks now, I think and I really want to get it finished by Tomorrow. So, we shall see...DH will be taking the modem to work again today so no internet for me, so I will sleep,and then try to keep concentrating on my book, see if I can't finish it by tomorrow, and then do some stitching. I have really been in a stitching slump lately though, I don't know why. Maybe i need to change up the project...?? hmmm?

Monday, March 19, 2007


Well, yesterday, my dear sweet hubby got me SIMS 2...So guess what I did all day long?! Yup, It wasn't stitching. I am addicted! Now next is University! I have to get it! I have wanted it for a long time! I think next payday that is what I will get. I am having a lot of fun with this. I stitched for abou thalf an hour tonight while watching the special effects of LOST for season 2. But that is it. I just couldn't wait to get back on the computer and back to the game! But, I am tired and ready to go to bed for a few hours until I go to work. I think last night I only got 4 1/2 hours of sleep. My husband just doesn't understand that once you wake me up in the middle of the night is impossible for me to get back to sleep. I have to stay awake until I feel sleepy again. Him? He can go right back to sleep, no problem. But once I wake up that's all she wrote! Thank goodness I have a good game to play in those early morning hours, huh?

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Happy Sunday!

Well, it is a cool windy cloudy day out there today. At least we arent' having snow like some others I have been reading in their blogs. Yesterday I pulled out a project that hasn't seen the light of day in about 3 months..."Patchwork Teddy's". I love the colors int his one. And I am really enjoying working on it, but I realized that this is really not my type of project anymore. I used to be really into cutesy things, but lately, I am not. So, I guess this one will be tucked away into a drawer until me and DH start our family. I am sure it will look nice in a baby's nursery. but I will continue to work on it because I am enjoying it so much! I was looking at it today and in reality, I am really hoping I have enough fabric to finish the thing. I started this back when I was a new stitcher, and measuring fabbie wasn't a highlight so I would in my excitement to get started grab any old piece of fabric that looked big enough and get started on it! (I have since realized the importance of measuring before digging in with the stitching) but we shall see. I am really hoping it just looks off, and really isn't. Well, I am off to pop a DVD into the player and sit and stitch my Sunday away.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Almost finished!

Well, I haven't been stitching much this week, because of trying to get used to my new sleeping patterns. But I am almost finished with the March Freebie. so, then it will be a toss up of what to work on next...? Part of me wants to work on Holiday Airing, part of me wants to work on The Abbey, and another part says start something new! However, I don't think that last idea is very good, seeing as how many WIPS I have going right now, I need to finish something before I start something new! I also have "Dolphins Domain" that I haven't worked on in forever, and "Patchwork Teddy's", and "Dare to Dream". And those are just the ones that are out and ready to be picked up and worked on in a seconds notice, not to mention the million projects in my WIP's and to be stitched drawers. Plus, I have been wanting ot work on some quilting lately as well. well, not much else to talk about, just rambeling! I will most likely finished the March freebie this weekend and be sharing a post of it soon! I am enjoying reading everyone's blogs!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Short sweet and to the point!

Hello! Well, today's post will be short, as I have a ton of work to do! But I wanted to share what I worked on yesterday, instead of my SAL. I am really enjoying working these small freebies by Erica Michaels. They are really cute!
The reason for a short post is that the newspaper that I deliver has a special free publication for all those who do not recieve our newspaper. We have 24 hours to get it out, so this morning after running my route I brought home an extra 1200 papers that need to be rolled and wrapped, and then delivered tonight before I run my route! So I will be sitting on the floor with PILES of newspapers and rolling to my hearts content while I watch...whatever it is I decide to watch. Oh well, don't feel sorry for me, every one of those papers I roll I am just getting closer to some nice new stash, which I have not been able to afford the past few months because of not working. Well, when I get paid it will be a toss up between stitching stash and SIMS 2 and SIMS 2 University! I have been wanting them for a long time! So, we shall see. Well, gotta go roll and wrap...anyone care to join me? =P

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Well things here are going alright. Just trying to adjust to the newness of my job. It is different, but fun. Not much pressure.
I have been sleeping in wierd patterns so not a whole lot of stitching is going on. Cindy and I have decided to take a break from our SAL as she has some other obligatory stitching ot get done, so that means I get to go splunking in my stash and WIP's drawers and find something fun to fill in two days of my rotation! I was thinking about just going back to working on "Patchwork bears" which I haven't worked on since our trip to California in December. Or, I could do the bright thing and work on Snow Valley Express and really get some good progress in on that one. I feel really blah today. I hurt, my head hurts, and I just can't seem to wake up,despite the two cups of coffee I had this morning. Maybe some exercise? Or more sleep? I think I slept enough, I hate it when I feel this way, soemthings wrong but I don't know just what it is. I think I need some Advil. Well, I am off to pop some Advil and then stitch my afternoon away. It is so weird sleeping until nearly 11 so far every morning since I have started my new job. I hate sleeping in like that, but what are you gonna do you know?

Sunday, March 11, 2007

The Abbey

I am doing so well with this project, I thought I would share a photo. I am really enjoying this, and it seems to be stitching up quickly. I am almost done with this page, and then I will move onto the next page here very soon, if I keep working on this. Well, other than that not much to say. Today we are supposed to get some strong thunderstorms, which is good, because I have been wanting a good storm. I like thunderstorms, and I am looking forward to a good one. Yesterday was a pretty bleak day, I just had a hard time settling. I felt very restless for most the day. I hope I am not that way today. I hate days like that! They end up depressing me! Well, I am off to do some reading and then of course stitch!

Saturday, March 10, 2007

I feel my college days coming back to haunt me!

Ok, anyone who went to college and was serious about their grades and who had a full course load or more knows the feeling of sleep deprivation, well, I feel that right now.
Last night we ran the paper route for the first time...interesting! My hubby did the driving and most the manual labor, while I read the driving instructions to him. the lady who's route this is is quitting and she rode along with us, to show us the ropes. Plus she had the whole route all 300+ papers written out so anyone with half a brain could figure out which houses to hit, from turns in the road to house descriptions, I mean it was so easy! so, I sat and read him the driving instructions and he tossed and threw and ran the papers to their destinations. I got off scott free! I feel horrible! All I did was sit there! and he did all the work, and the route is in my name! anyway. It's a fairly easy route, and I'm sure that within a few weeks we will have it memorized, but right now, it is just tricky. It didn't even take us long at all to do, only about 45 minutes to roll and wrap, and an hour to deliver. We got home at 5 am. The papers were a little late getting to us, that took about an hour,we were there to pick up the papers at 1:15 but they didn't get to us until 3. So we woulda been done sooner, but they got a little backed up with their delivery to us.
The worst part is that I went to bed at 6 in the morning and my body clock woke me up at 9:30. NOOOOOOO!!!! So, I got up and here I am! I didn't sleep at all last night, before the route, well maybe a little 1/2 hours nap. Oh man, and tonight is daylight savings. What the heck! My time clock will be so screwed up anyway that I doubt that will matter to me much this time around.
Well, onto the fun stuff...stitching! I worked on The Abbey all day yesterday. Once I get going on a project man, I don't want to let it go. I get "stuck on it" So, I guess right now it is The Abbey. I am really close to finishing the first page. Maybe when I finish it I will feel like moving on, besides I need to be working more on Snow Valley Express. I have two months until I want to ship it to my dad for his birthday, and if I don't get working on it, I will miss sending it for his birthday again! Well, I guess I will go work on The Abbey again, a little bit more.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Progress Photo Friday

Well, I had a bad nights sleep again last night, was up from 1:30 to about 4 in the morning, which made it really hard for me to get up and take DH to work this morning so I could keep the car, for my enterview today. So, anyway, I am thinking oh well, my sleep pattern is gonna be like that anyway if I get this job, so what's the big deal, right? I came home and drank coffee, and now I'm good to go!
So, I have decided to share all my progress photos today of my entire weeks worth of stitching, I was noticing that I really don't share that many photos, do I? like every three or four posts I'll share, so I thought well, maybe if I scan every thing all on one day then share them thorughout the week, that would work for me. I am so lazy when it comes to bringing my stitching into the computer room for scanning! I don't know why that is! But I think am going to try to scan all my photos on one day then share them throughout the following week. I don't know. all I know is that after I go and read everyone else's blogs and see all their lovely stitching, I realize how very plain my blog must seem! Anyway.
So, here are my photos for this week. I worked on Isaiah 40:31, on Tuesday and Thursday and I worked on the Abbey for most of the afternoon and some of the evening yesterday, and I worked on Snow Valley Express on Monday and Wednesday, so there are some progress pics to share!
So this is last weeks progress on this one:

This is this weeks progress:

and here is Snow Valley Express:

and here is the Abbey:
Phew! Now I know why I hate posting photos! What a pain to get all those on there! So, from now on I will be posting photos one at a time! well, I hope you enjoyed looking at my progress! and now I think I will go sit and do some stitching on...something, I don't know what quite yet, but something! Sorry that some of the scans are cooked!

Thursday, March 08, 2007

A nice stitchy day...

That is what today was! I got up nice and early, before 7 this morning, and I got on the computer did all my blog reading, and played some SIMS, and was in front of the tv with Isaiah in my hand stitching away by 9:30! There is where i stayed until 12, when I got up to stretch my legs and fold some laundry and put some dishes away and then I set isaiah aside and picked up the Abbey, and I sat back down and watched more ER reruns while I stitched away on the Abbey, for the rest of the afternoon, until DH got home from work. And I am about to go put in Gilmore Girls, and stitch some more.
Tomorrow I have another enterview at the paper, where I enterviewed before and the guy basically blew me off, which apparently he didn't, because he called me today and said "See? ididn't forget yah!" So, maybe this job thing will pan out afterall. and don't laugh, but what i'm going for is a paper route. Sounds so juvinile, my brother had one when he was in Jr. high, back then kids ran them on their bikes before going off to school, adn now adults run them in their cars at 1 in the morning, and I will be making over twice as much as I was when working at my last job in retail. I will only be working about 2-3 hours a day and I will be back home by 6 in the morning, so I will still have plenty of time to stitch!!! Yipppeeee! Which is why I wanted to get a route, because It is pretty good money it seems like and you don't have to go to a "real job" you work with yourself and that's it, you don't have to deal with people. Just your customers but you don't really see them, so we shall see how it goes! Ijust have to get used to staying up all night, I guess. and here I was thinking, "Yippeee! daylight savings this weekend, I love it when the sun stays out later, and then I thought, boo, I won't see the sun, because I'll be sleeping,with this new job but! NOT if I go to bed after I get home from the route! Like If I sleep from 6am-12 pm, Or so, then I still will get to enjoy the sun enough. We shall see. I may stay awake a bit after getting home from the route, watch the sun get into the sky then sleep during the day until late afternoon...or who knows!
Anyway, enough about that!
I am on my hubby's laptop so I'm not connected to the scanner so I will have to post photos of all my stitching tomorrow, I have photos of Isaiah, and Snow Valley Express, and The Abbey. So, anyway, wish me luck tomorrow with the interview, and pray that I can get this because it seems great to me, we shall see how long I continue to think so.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

I survived!

Well, yesterday was an internetless day for lil' me, and I made it, although I wasn't sure that I would when I got out of bed at 7, I was counting the hours until I could get back online. i felt like an addict jonsing for their next fix! The funniest thing that when DH got home with the modem, I still didn't get online. I didn't get online until 2 this morning as I was having an insomnia issue last night. When DH got home we watched two episodes of LOST season 2, and after that it was so nice out that I took the dog for a walk, and I stopped at my neighbors house to visit with her for a bit, and then when I got home I was in the mood for a good work out, so I did step aerobics for abother 45 minutes, which completely tired me out because I hadn't done much in the way of exercise for a very long time, so I took a shower and went right to bed, and fell right to sleep, but then woke up at 2 this morning and couldn't fall asleep, and somewhere around 3 I decided to get up and go read blogs. However, It was sorta good as I was able to stitch quite a bit, and I got alot done on my SAL project, I worked on it for agood three or 4 hours. At about 12:30 I decided that I would play SIMS and that lasted me the rest of the day. So, I lived through the torture of having no internet for a whole day. Oh well, got lots of stitching done! that's what matters, right? I am enjoying looking at everyones blogs! As always! well, I am off to stitch as I only have a few hours and then I have a doctors appointment later this afternoon, and because of not sleeping too well last night I slept in quite late this morning, I had a headache and didn't want to get up, but I feel much better now!

Monday, March 05, 2007

No internet for me...=(

Well, I thought I had better write this post tonight, since hubby has said that on Tuesdays he is going to take the modem to work to do websurfing I guess during his lunch break...go figure. I guess because of the strict firewalls they have there on those government computers, he is unable to access many sites he enjoys. I don't know. anyway, all I know is that tomorrow will be a internetless day for me. =(
Today I only stitched for a bit. I worked more on Holiday Airing. I thought that when I looked at the progress photos I posted yesterday that it looked very blank to the right of the barn, above the quilts, so I decided to remedy that. and that part should go pretty quickly as most of what is "behind" the blankets is mostly half stitches. So, it is going quick. I decided to work on it while watching E.R. Reruns.
Tomorrow being Tuesday I will probably work on Isaiah. As it is SAL day. so, we shall see if I work on it. I always say I want to work on this or that and when the time comes I don't. Like I said that I wanted to work on my March freebie on Sunday but did that happen? No. Maybe after I put a few hours into my SAL project I will work some more on that freebie project. We shall see. I am thinking that because I will be without the internet tomorrow that I will take the time to hop over to my neighbor's house and say hello. That will help the day go by fast! and then before I know it, hubby will be home with the modem! And then I can post and read all your lovely posts! I really am enjoying the google reader, it makes blog reading so easy! Thanks for the tip Cindy!
Well, I am gonna get going, I think I may go back and watch more ER and stitch a bit more before heading to bed. I have been sorta tired lately. I took a two hour nap today, and I already feel a bit tired, but I am going to try to stay up. This morning for some odd reason I was awake at 5 and up at 5:30. So, I am thinking that maybe if I can stay up a bit later, maybe it will help with not waking up so early? we shall see how this goes! I think I really just need more exercise. Well, I will miss you all tomorrow, but I will be back online after DH gets home from work in the early evening, so it won't be too horrible! =P

Over 301 posts now!

Well,Blogger has informed me that this is my 302nd post! Wow!
Well, yesterday was a good day. Me and DH had a LONG "LOST" marathon. We finished season 1 and ran right out to hastings and got season 2! And came home and watched the first disc of season 2. I never got into it much but the last week I did. And now, I'm hooked! It's so suspenseful! DH has made me promise not to watch season 2 without him, like when he's at work, I have to wait until he gets home to watch it with him. The only thing with this show I can't stitch while watching. Because alot of times the camera will show something and if you aren't looking you hear the music indicating that something big has happened but you have no idea what it was, really have to pay attention to it.
Anyway. I tried to work on holiday airing while watching it yesterday but I couldn't do it. I ended up just setting it down and cuddeling with hubby on the couch under a blanky as the house was really chilly, yesterday. It's chilley right now too, but we are trying ot go without the heater on because the gas bill was high, and with me not working we don't have the extra money. but it's alright, because by noon the sun comes out and warms up the house. It's just the mornings that are kinda chilly.Like right now! Well, I am gonna go make good use of this cool air and do a work out, that way it will feel good to me instead of cold! Bye! i haven't decided what I want to stitch on yet today...most likely it will be Holiday airing, but then again, I may surprise myself, and you!

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Holiday Airing

Well, I haven't shown any progress photos of Holiday Airing since January 29th. I thought it has been since then but I guess not, so I thought I would show what I have been up to with it. I have worked on this one the past two days. It is really coming along. I have been really working alot on the barn itself. So, there has been a lot of red, but I think it is starting to look pretty good.

Last progress Photo:

Newest progress:

So, you can see I have been working quite a bit on it. I have almost an entire side of the barn complete. I ended up cutting off just about two rows of stitching ont he lieft hand side, as it won't fit int he scanner too well. I even put in a bit of the sled there under the black and red quilt. This is such a fun project!

So, finally you can all see that I stitch! I hardley ever share progress photos, and it is really bad. I only share on Fridays when I share my SAL project. I think I need to be better about that. I think that tomorrow I am going to work on my March freebie by Erica Michaels. after all it is March now. Well I am off for bed now, as last night I didn't sleep too well, my wonderful gamer hubby who stayed up until 4:30 playing Final Fantasy XI this morning woke me up when he got in bed and I had a hard time getting back to sleep. We had a busy day today with running errands. We were gonna go to the zoo, but that didn't happen, it was too cold here today, and a bit windy, so we just did some errands, and came home. Well, I am in the "I can't stop yawning mode" now, so I am going to bed! Goodnight!

Friday, March 02, 2007

So, whatyah think?

I redid my blog layout last night. I saw Lili's, and thought, i need to redo mine, and realized that you can take one of blogges templates and customize it, so I have actually had this layout before, but I push a few buttons, clicked here, clicked there and wa-la! a brand new look! I kept changing it, because it was so fun to mess around witht he different color schemes. So, today is Friday and that means it is update post day for Isaiah, and let me warn you, not much was done, as I spent much of Tuesday running around, taking hubby to work so I could have the car, so I could go to the dentist, and to the interview for that dumb job, and then back out to the base again to pick up hubby. I spent a fair amount of my day in the car running to and fro. So, then yesterday I worked on it a little bit while watching the movie "Patch Adams". and that was only about two hours, and so very little got done at all.But none the less, here is my progress photo.

I did some fill in in the mountains. So, really not much finished but a little bit.

I also want to extend sympathy to anyone in Alabama, who was in the path of that tornado that ripped through last night, I saw it on my yahoo news this morning, I am sorry if any of my readers was near there and endured any wreckage. Or ayone for that matter, readers or not, you are fellow Americans, and my prayers are with you!