Monday, March 05, 2007

No internet for me...=(

Well, I thought I had better write this post tonight, since hubby has said that on Tuesdays he is going to take the modem to work to do websurfing I guess during his lunch break...go figure. I guess because of the strict firewalls they have there on those government computers, he is unable to access many sites he enjoys. I don't know. anyway, all I know is that tomorrow will be a internetless day for me. =(
Today I only stitched for a bit. I worked more on Holiday Airing. I thought that when I looked at the progress photos I posted yesterday that it looked very blank to the right of the barn, above the quilts, so I decided to remedy that. and that part should go pretty quickly as most of what is "behind" the blankets is mostly half stitches. So, it is going quick. I decided to work on it while watching E.R. Reruns.
Tomorrow being Tuesday I will probably work on Isaiah. As it is SAL day. so, we shall see if I work on it. I always say I want to work on this or that and when the time comes I don't. Like I said that I wanted to work on my March freebie on Sunday but did that happen? No. Maybe after I put a few hours into my SAL project I will work some more on that freebie project. We shall see. I am thinking that because I will be without the internet tomorrow that I will take the time to hop over to my neighbor's house and say hello. That will help the day go by fast! and then before I know it, hubby will be home with the modem! And then I can post and read all your lovely posts! I really am enjoying the google reader, it makes blog reading so easy! Thanks for the tip Cindy!
Well, I am gonna get going, I think I may go back and watch more ER and stitch a bit more before heading to bed. I have been sorta tired lately. I took a two hour nap today, and I already feel a bit tired, but I am going to try to stay up. This morning for some odd reason I was awake at 5 and up at 5:30. So, I am thinking that maybe if I can stay up a bit later, maybe it will help with not waking up so early? we shall see how this goes! I think I really just need more exercise. Well, I will miss you all tomorrow, but I will be back online after DH gets home from work in the early evening, so it won't be too horrible! =P

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Adana said...

I hope you're getting a lot of stitching done on your internetless day. I try to stay offline most weekends until late Sun night (how dumb is that) and I find I get a lot more of everything done (except sorting computer files) in the house.