Wednesday, March 07, 2007

I survived!

Well, yesterday was an internetless day for lil' me, and I made it, although I wasn't sure that I would when I got out of bed at 7, I was counting the hours until I could get back online. i felt like an addict jonsing for their next fix! The funniest thing that when DH got home with the modem, I still didn't get online. I didn't get online until 2 this morning as I was having an insomnia issue last night. When DH got home we watched two episodes of LOST season 2, and after that it was so nice out that I took the dog for a walk, and I stopped at my neighbors house to visit with her for a bit, and then when I got home I was in the mood for a good work out, so I did step aerobics for abother 45 minutes, which completely tired me out because I hadn't done much in the way of exercise for a very long time, so I took a shower and went right to bed, and fell right to sleep, but then woke up at 2 this morning and couldn't fall asleep, and somewhere around 3 I decided to get up and go read blogs. However, It was sorta good as I was able to stitch quite a bit, and I got alot done on my SAL project, I worked on it for agood three or 4 hours. At about 12:30 I decided that I would play SIMS and that lasted me the rest of the day. So, I lived through the torture of having no internet for a whole day. Oh well, got lots of stitching done! that's what matters, right? I am enjoying looking at everyones blogs! As always! well, I am off to stitch as I only have a few hours and then I have a doctors appointment later this afternoon, and because of not sleeping too well last night I slept in quite late this morning, I had a headache and didn't want to get up, but I feel much better now!


Hazel said...

Hi!! Was just browsing my blogs and came across yours! We need to get our comp in to have some work done on it and I'm dreading being without it as I am practiacally glued to it these days. I like your Isiaih scripture below. If its okay with you, I'll add you to my blog.

Cindy said...

Congrats on making it through the day computerless!!!