Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Stitching Away in Grey

Well, I have been stitching...and here is a photo of Dolphin's Paradise. This is a project I started in my college days, right aroung the time I started Holiday airing. I have almost one whole dolphin finished! I think this project is coming along pretty quickly, just get tired of working with all those greys!

I have not worked on Patchwork Teddies for a while, at least this whole week, but I didn't share a progress photo of it either the last time. I completely finished the upper right hand corner patch and started some of the backstitching! I have been a very lazy blogger lately. I haven't wanted to post photos, or even write at all. And I have no excuse, except for my reading, which is "getting in the way" of my stitching time LOL.

Yesterday, the weather was so awesome, that I actually laid out and suntanned for a bit, got a tiny bit of a sunburn. Today it is sorta sunny but it is really windy, so no tanning for me. Plus, today is Weds, and that means rolling newspaper day. I have them done and am just now relaxing for a bit. I have really been int he mood to do some cookie baking, I have been wanting cookies. and i think I am gonna go hog wild tomororw and make batches of chocolate chip, oatmeal, and peanut butter, maybe even peanut butter/oatmeal/ chocolate chip...and maybe sugar cookies too. I make cookies but they don't stick around for long, and this time I want to have plenty for me to meet my cookie cravings. Pretty soon that will really happen, as we ordered a case (Yes, that is 12 boxes!) of girl scout cookies from my nieces. My mouth has been watering for those thin mints, and shortbread cookies, and peanut butter sandwich cookies so I thought if I made some cookies to tide me over until they get here then I will be alright. I couldn't justify going out and BUYING them from the store, since we have already invested over 40$ in cookies already, but as long as I already have the ingredients here, why not? Well, I am off to relax for a bit before DH comes home and we have to go out and throw all these stinkin' papers to unsuspecting victims who think we are littering on their lawns!


Cheryl said...

You've got a lot done! Looks great! hmmm hungry!

Barb said...

Both pieces are looking great! I could grab some cookies too, they do sound good!

Michelle said...

Great progress! Looks like those dolphins will be gorgeous when they're done!

Hazel said...

Your dolphins look fab as does your teddy one. Those cookies sound very yum too. I'm not so good at making cookies. I think I need a good recipe.