Saturday, March 17, 2007

Almost finished!

Well, I haven't been stitching much this week, because of trying to get used to my new sleeping patterns. But I am almost finished with the March Freebie. so, then it will be a toss up of what to work on next...? Part of me wants to work on Holiday Airing, part of me wants to work on The Abbey, and another part says start something new! However, I don't think that last idea is very good, seeing as how many WIPS I have going right now, I need to finish something before I start something new! I also have "Dolphins Domain" that I haven't worked on in forever, and "Patchwork Teddy's", and "Dare to Dream". And those are just the ones that are out and ready to be picked up and worked on in a seconds notice, not to mention the million projects in my WIP's and to be stitched drawers. Plus, I have been wanting ot work on some quilting lately as well. well, not much else to talk about, just rambeling! I will most likely finished the March freebie this weekend and be sharing a post of it soon! I am enjoying reading everyone's blogs!

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Faith Ann said...

I hope you're enjoying the new job! I bet it will take a while to adjust to the new sleep schedule though... that's quite a difference.