Friday, March 19, 2010

Bad! BAD! Blogger!

Yup, that's me! ::hanging head in shame:: I can't believe how long it's been since I posted last! I wanted to say thank you to all my wonderful friends out here in blogland who helped me out with my deperate plea for help!! I now have enough 824 to stitch "Howling at the Moon" two times over! Thank you all SOOO very much! You know who you are!! It is so nice to know there are wonderful people who are willing to help!

I have been stitching, but have not gotten any photos yet. I've been kinda lazy...this past week, it was dreary and rainy almost everyday, and that put me in a mood...not a good one either! So, I spent much of my time reading and stitching and not being very mobile, I guess is the word, I just felt like sitting around, being a flump.

But two days ago, the sun came out and I have been taking full advantage!! I went for several long walks, and then sat out on my postage-stamp-sized balcony and read in the sun, and I did aerobics twice this week too, which I had been slacking off on my work outs for...lets just say for a LONG while, and it always takes me awhile to get back into it, and I don't know why, because it always makes me feel so good!!! Get those endorphines kickin' and weeeeee!!! But it's just getting there that is the issue for me!! So, with a little sun and a little exercise in my diet I am feeling MUCH better!! Oh yes, and then yesterday me and a friend went to the beach to look for seashells and that was fun too!!

This next week should be interesting...hubby has to work 12 hour shifts, and so I will have looooong days to entertain myself!! I see lots of stitching coming up! Long marathons in front of the tube with my stitching and I will try to not be so lazy and post a few photos as I have finished the letter F, and put in about 8 hours on "Howling at the Moon", and have put quite a bit of time in on "I'm not Sleepy", and I'm sure I will have a finish on Letter G this week as well, then it will be time to bunk down with "The Abbey" who is, I'm sure feeling quite neglected as it has not seen the light of day in Forever so long!

So, signing out, but I will try to get a few photo posts in this next week!!

Tuesday, March 02, 2010


Ok, so I've been mulling this over in my head, and been wondering if I should do this, and I decided to just DO it, and see what happens!

So, I have a little problem, it's not life or death, but it is frustrating me and I was wondering if my blogging friends would be willing to help me.

I have been working on Howling at theMoon, and I am filling in all of the background color...DMC 824...and I have run out!! I keep checking here at the "craft store", (for a few months now) and they keep saying they ordered it, or going to order it, and...nothing!!! Everytime I go back to check, they have not gotten it in....'s where you would come in....would anyone be willing to send me a skein or two of DMC 824? If you are in the states, it is first class mail, not overseas shipping or anything like that, you could probably pop it in a business sized envelope and mail it for 44 cents!

I enjoy being a military wife, and I am proud of what my husband does, but this living overseas can really be a nuisance at times!

If you are willing to help me out, please send me an e-mail at: robluvr823atyahoodotcom. I would greatly appreciate it...

Thank you!!

OMG!!! You guys are amazing!!! I got a few e-mails with lovely stitchers willing to help me out!! Thank you so much everyone!! Stitchers are truly the friendliest people ever!!