Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Just Plain Tired!

Well, the past few days I haven't had the want to to do anyhting! I haven't wanted to stitch, read, write or ANYTHING. Yesterday I had to work the dreaded 10-6 shift- YUCK! and I am still very tired, so yesterday I slept in until 7:30, which is an hour and a half later than normal, so I barely had time to go online check e-mail, check blogs and then take a shower before it was time to get ready to go. So, no stitching got done yesterday as when I got home DH and I made dinner then we watched a VERY stupid movie (Wedding Crashers) the end was good, the rest was a waste of time! And I was so tired from the day at work that I didn't feel like picking up my stitching during the movie, so this morning I think that I will get some stitching in before I go to work, which I work 11-4 today, not bad. And I was able to get up at my normal time this morning, so I have plenty of time.

I think another thing is I just got bored of Love, Joy, Home, and set it down and didn't want to pick it back up. I am well into the bottom half now, and I needed a break, but for some reason working on anything else just didn't appeal to me either, so I did nothing.

But today I think I will pick up something again, even though I am not sure what. I will try to post pictures soon!

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Thank you much for the thoughts, yes,I think you are so right, I really need to get rid of the reds! I love that color combo though. Pinks and grays look good too, I could do like mauve and rose pinks, with the grays...? Hmmm..? I was just tossing the idea around. There are a few other colors I could work with like magenta/pinks, and tourqiouse (sp?) I don't know. I am sure I will figure something out. I just felt like doing something fun and creative that was sorta my own. I really should just soncentrate on the million and one projects already in the works for now, and when I finish them, then work on something.

Anyway, thank you to all who gave me your ideas.

Well, today was very relaxing much like yesterday. I am still very tired, and want to sleep all the time, I don't know why! It is frustrating, you know? But I will cope, and get through this, maybe I need to do some more exercise! Or take vitamins. I try to take a "one a day" type vitamin, because I know I don't eat right, but goodness, this just stinks. I am probably drinking too much coffee! I am addicted to it, and I drink it all day long, or maybe it is my calcium level, which I am calcium deficient,and I know that already, maybe I should get my blood checked. Maybe I am dehydrated!

Whatever it is, I don't like this one bit. It is really hard to stitch when all you want to do is lay down and go to sleep... again.

Friday, January 27, 2006

Well, remember a few posts back, I mentioned a red/gray color conversion for Home Love Joy, well, I worked one small part of it in the colors I was thinking of using and I wouldn't mind some criticism, or helpful hints, or thoughts on this, so here it is: my little sample of red/gray Home Love Joy. The only thing is, the reds...they all seem so close in shade that it is hard to tell them apart, there are four shades, and they are (in DMC)
321 darker than 666
the last one is not pictured here, as this part of the design didn't call for the darkest color. I don't know. please, give me your ideas, or if you have other colors in mind I may use, I need some feedback on this, however, other than the whole "Can't see the difference in red" thing, I am liking this red/gray going on. What do you think?

Thursday, January 26, 2006

A half way happy dance!

Well, here it is! Half way finished! And just as suspected this morning, it only took me 40 minutes to finish it from where I was before picking up my needle this morning.

and here is also a scan of Snow Valley Express:

So, you can see there has been a bit of progress on it. I started working on the snow and the trees, just to get away from all those bleak grays. blech!

Well, I think I must get back to the stitching!

A Stitcher's Verse

Cross Stitchers are a different breed~
The things we hope for,the things we "need"
We wish for floss to finish that row.
We sometimes wish our guests would just go!
We wait all day for that time to be~
That special time ~ that time for ME.
Each needle is threaded,the colors arrayed,
Scissors and chart have been carefully laid.
Now we relax, this is our pleasure~
Stitching this piece of soon-to-be treasure.
We always ignore that mental warning~
Stitching all night makes it rough in the morning.
But time's unimportant, we don't heed clocks
We just need floss and a sewing box.
Our project awaits us, now we proceed
This must be heaven~what more could we need?!
A cross stitching pen pal sent me this little poem, and I thought it was so cute, so I thought I would share it with you all. Well, I will be posting pictures later today. I didn't quite get to my half way mark last night, on Home Love Joy, by the time I got off the computer I was too tired to stitch, I put a few stitches in, realized I messed up earlier on that section, had to find the mistake and frogged it all out, and by the time I was done with that, I was really too tired to keep stitching, so I just put it away, and will work on it today, as I don't go into work until much later today, I have about 6 hours to get some done, then tomorrow starts my 3 day weekend! YIPPEE!
I am going to get some pictures scanned in of Snow Valley Express, though, and maybe If I can finish the top half of L,H,J, I will scan that in too. I am sure I can, unless I find anymore mistakes that had previously gone unnoticed, I am sure it will only take me about 30-45 minutes to complete the top half, that is how close I am!
More later!

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Well, yesterday I worked mostly on Snow Valley express. This morning I put about half an hours worth of work into Home Love Joy, that's all the stitching I have done today. Just that half hour before going to work. I think here ina bit I am going to go sit in bed and do some more work on that, I really wan tto finish the top half and be abel to start the bottom, I am SO close.

Snow Valley is looking pretty good, I think. Tomorrow I will try to post some pictures, even though I am only at 15 hours on that one, and I was going to post every ten hours. Oh well. I am proud of myself for making myself keep working on it. Actually the part I am working on right now isn't so bad, I was just getting bored with all the blacks and grays of the train itself, and the pattern is sorta complicated. I really have to concentrate on the pattern not to miscount or mess up. I am NOT looking forward to the detailed back stitching! YOu may have no idea what I am even talking abou tif you haven't seen this piece, but tomorrow I promise you will see it,because it will be posted. I will post a what it is supposed to look like and then maybe I'll show you how much I have done since the last time I posted a picture of it on here.

Well, for now I am going to go sit in bed and work on Home Love Joy, lets see if I can have a half-way mark happy dance...is that possible? I mean can you have a happy dance for half way being done? Or do you have to wait to do the jitterbug until the very end? hmmm...? You know? I think I can dance whenever I feel like it! Anyone care to join me?! Let's get down! =))

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Well, yesterday I wrote how I had so much to do and I probably wouldn't get it all done, lets see? I got the laundry done, and I worked on Snow Valley Express for a few hours, and nope, no work on H,L,J sampler, but I did make my goal to get to the trees yesterday on Snow Valley, so that is good. Today I work ALL day so I will probably not get as much stitching in as I would like. I am trying to get this bloggy-stuff done here soon, so I will have a little stitching time before going to work, we shall see.

I will have a little bit of time to get some stitching in tonight too, as I will be off work at 7, so it won't be too terribly late, but by the time I come home, shower, eat dinner, and chat with DH for a bit, it seems all I have energy for is slouching on the couch with a movie, and then bed. So, we shall see, tomorrow I only have a short 5 1/2 hours shift, so will have lots of stitching time in the evening, and on Thursday I only have another short shift so will get to stitch all morning and don't go into work until 3:30 in the afternoon, so will have all morning and early afternoon to get some stitching in. And then! for once! I actually have the entire weeknd off from work Fri-Sun. So, hopefully lots of stitching time in then! So, if I can just get through work today I will have lots of me time this week.

It's hard because during the holidays the store was super busy so I was pulling 8 hour shifts for about a month, I got used to it, and then after the holidays things dies, so we went back to short 5/6 hour shifts, so then my body got used to that, and now we are starting to get 8 hour shifts again, and now I have to get used to it all over. I am glad I only have the one 8 hour shift this week. I just hope it goes fast!

Well, off I got to get my blogs read and then to stitch for a little bit before getting ready for work. Bye!

Monday, January 23, 2006

No new progress...

Well, no progress on Home, Love, Joy, but I worked a bit on Snow Valley Express last night. I am tired of working on the train part, all those grays and blah colors, but I started working a bit on the mountain with the snow, so right now I am working with some blues and I am hoping to get into the trees today. That was my goal last night because there is a trail of blue that leads up to the trees and I worked on the blue trail, so I am really hoping to be able to work on the trees today, before I go back to the dreaded black and grays of the train itself. We shall see. Today is my day off, and I am hoping to get some good stitching time in, but we all know what happens when we state "goals" for the day, they don't quite work, it seems like we jinx ourselves. Plus I am hoping to get back to Home Love Joy for a bit today and see if I can't get the entire top half copmletely finished, so lots of goals for the day, as well as some laundry and housework. So, off I go to get them done

Sunday, January 22, 2006

progress picture already!

Well, this is the work I have done on this piece in the past two days! I have been going to town. I even had to do some frogging, on the 3 flowers on the upper left hand area, if you scroll down to my previous picture you can see the flower is one square away from the border, well it is supposed to be touching the border like it is here, so I had done a bit more of the flowers than you see in the previous picture and I started working on the border and got to the top and realized it wasn't lined up properly and figured it out, so I had to go back and take those lil' flowers out and redo them. It didn't take too long!
To answer you Faithann, This piece will only be about 8x10 when finished, this is the top half of the piece. This is what it will look like when finished:
Sorry it is crooked, I took it off the magazine I am using for the pattern and they had the picture tilted on a little pedistal, so it looks slanted because it is that way in the picture. So, you can see I am about half way done. It is by ursula Micheals, one of my favorite designers, it was featured in The Cross stitcher Magazine, June 2005 issue. I am stitching it on 18 count Aida. I loved the colors too, and the symetricalness of it. and it sorta has a bit of busyness to it. I have been playing with the idea of doing another one, with reds and grays, and a third with another color scheme, but we shall see if that shall fit in the grand scheme of my stitching agenda for the year, I'm sure I could squeeze it in, but we shall see how I feel when I finish it if I want to move on or if I'm up to the challange of a color conversion. Well, that is all for now, just wanted to show you my progress on this one.
Thank you also Von for commenting!

Friday, January 20, 2006

Pictures! or...picture.

Well, I was wrong, I am at 12 hours on this one. Last night I completed the large square on the left hand side and started the dark green backstitch next to and above the large square, we shall see how much I can get done today....it feels so good to be "normal" again!
Wow! Last night after I got off the computer from posting that last post, about the meds and whatnot, I got a second wind, afterall I had slept ALL day practically! So, I sat down with Home Love Joy, for about an hour. I need to post pictures soon, as I promised pictures every ten hours, and I am now at 11 1/2 hours, and I don't think I posted pics at 10 hours. I just have a little bit left to finish the top half of the piece, then it will be time to work on the bottom half of the pattern!

I don't go into work until 3:30 this afternoon, which gives me a bit of time this morning and early afternoon to get some stitching in, and I decided to not take my med until tonight that way maybe I can feel normal during the day and then sleep through all the weird effects,and not have to deal with it today.

Well, i think I will sign off here and return in a bit with a progress picture of Home Love Joy. Oh, i though tit was weird, because I didn't renew my subscription t stitcher's world, but they sent me a copy of their "New Look" or whatever, the only thing in there I would even remotely stitch would be the Spring Quilts by Ursula Micheals. I am liking the quilts, they had in the past two issues two, autumn and winter quilts, I may stitch them up eventually, but for now my plate is full.

O.k. off to scan pictures, be right back!

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Soooo tired...

Man! I haven't stitched at all in the past two days, I started a new medicine the other week, and it makes me SOOO tired, and nausueas, and just yucky. I stayed in bed from 12:30-4 this afternoon, and it is now 10 minutes to 7 and I am ready to go back to bed. This just stinks.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Yippee for clearwire!

Finally DH broke down and got us clear wire, it is so nice not to have dumb dial up anymore! This thing is so fast!
Well, I have finally decided that I will put at least 1 thread per day in on Snow Valley Express, as I always have the hardest time pulling it out to work on it, So,that is my new goal for now. I need to work more on November Quilt as well. They are both due in a few months, and as I started this year thinking it was going to be a "Lana" year, I am sorely disappointed that I have to keep reverting back to these pieces. They are starting to frustrate me! I just want them to be done! So, maybe I should work more on them than on my other stuff, that way they will get done, and I won't have to worry about them anymore.

But then I see one of my much wanted WIP's staring at me and...ugh. o.k. I really shouldn't care, this is a hobby, right? So, I shouldn't be stressing out, it's just that I want to have these two finished in time for my parents b-days and they seem to be going so slow!

Well tomorrow is my day off, and I plan on sitting and getting alot of stitching and fun reading in. I will probably sit in front of the computer reading blogs all day. =P Well, I am going to try to get my housework done tonight when I get home from work and then I will have all of tomorrow to do whatever I feel like!

Last night I finally got good rest, and I feel pretty good today! I feel rested and my stomach doesn't hurt, as it has the past few days. So, lets hope this keeps up.
Well, gotta get going and get ready for work, I will try to post some progress pictures, later today maybe, I worked on Birdhouses of America Unite last night for about an hour and it is coming along.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Too much sleep and blogging

I haven't hardly picked upa needle to do any serious stitching since I finished my hubby's bookmark. I have been really tired lately, and! I find that i have been spending WAY too much time online.

For example, this morning, I woke up at 3 this morning, I couldn't go back to sleep, so around 5 I decided to get up and read some blogs, Well,then I decided to go for a walk, when the sun finally came up around 8, and when I got back I had to start getting ready to go to work, All while at work I felt like I was about ready to fall asleep on my feet! so, I cane home, I got off at 3:300, by 4:30 I was in bed, and I didn't wake up unitl 7:40! Well, now I am back ont he computer and reading more blogs. And seriously? I feel just as though I could go right back to bed, but I am going to make myself stay up until at least 10:30 or 11:00, that way I will hopefully be able to sleep all the night through tonight. I sorta feel like I want to put some time into stitching, but I am so tired that I don't trust myself not to mess up if I do. so, here I am just reading blogs and more blogs. I am reading Bine from germany right now, and her work is totally inspiring me to pick up something and stitch, but like said, will the frogs come avisiting if I try, because I am so tired?

Anyway, I wanted to say a big thank you to everyone of you who has visited my blog and left comments I have tried to comment back to some of you, like Von and Becky, but when I try it won't work. so...just want you to know I have been reading you all and I appreciate the comments! And AnneS and Litla Skvis- thank you! Well, I am going to go back to reading I am almost finished reading all of Bine's blog and will put her in my favorites. and move onto "Contemplating my needle" So much to read, so little time! Why do you guys have to be such good bloggers?!
Happy stitching everyone!

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Back in the Saddle again.

Well, at least I'm back to stitching anyway. I picked up "The Abbey" today and put a good hours worth of work in on it. I'm excited, because I put my first stitches of the house itself in today, just a few but I have been mainly working on the blue sky and the clouds around it, but I skipped over a page and decided to start the actual house. I have also been working a little bit on Home Love Joy as well, and will probably have progress pictures of that one and maybe The Abbey as well this week, alrighty, not much to report, back to my needle.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Now what?

Hm. O.k, is it just me, or is there a feeling of enptiness when you finish a piece? I feel like starting another small one just for the sence of satisfactiona finish brings. Right now all my pieces are pretty big, and I like being able to finish something quick. There are another few pieces in the series from that book mark I am thinking about, I will have to scan a picture later,as hubby is on the computer with the scanner, We shall see.
Hubby loved his bookmark. Well, I think I am going to go try to get interested in Snow Valley Express. I need to get some much needed work in on that one.Time is ticking and my parents birthdays will be here soon. I figure the sooner I get those two done the sooner I can work on my own pieces guilt free!

Friday, January 13, 2006

First Finish of '06.

Here it is-Finished! I know in my earlier post this morning I wrote that it would only be an hour or so, but today has just been weird, I haven't felt very well, so I kept taking naps all day long, and then I watched a movie with DH before he had to head back out to work and so after he left I made myself sit down and finish it, and here it is I don't know how I will finish it, but I will probably glue a piece of red felt to the back, or something. I am not sure. I am not too good at the whole finishing thing. I really should buy some pre made bookmarks that they sell at craft stores. It feels really good to have a finish!
Well, I am starting to feel yucky again so I am heading to bed, bye!


Well, yesterday I was going to post a picture of my Valentine thingy but it was taking too long, as I think I need to rescan it, because I think I forgot to resize it when I saved it, And now I am so far along that I decided to just wait and scan it when it's done, as it is so close to being so. I am hoping to have a happy dance today. wait! Let me rephrase that! I AM GOING to have a happy dance today! I just have to finish all the stitching on the top heart and then half the back stitching as I started it already and I'm done, probably about half an hours worth of work, or maybe an hour if I'm watching a movie while I work. Watch this space!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Here's another picture...

O.k, I have made a little progress, and I think there will be more before the night is over. It is early still, well, not really early but I don't even feel tired, and that is fine with me, I can sleep in in the morning. So, I think I will stay up late and stitch, stitch, stitch, and watch Gilmore Girls. I sorta had the itch to pull out my Home, Love, Joy sampler, but I haven't yet, because I am so anxious to get this one done.=) but I still may, just to break it up a bit.
Last night wasn't so bad. I went to bed at 12, after taking a muscle relaxer that helped me relax and go to sleep, and then, not even 45 minutes later, my hubby's cell phone rang, waking me up. How nice. It was even "nicer" that it was a wrong number! > ( It was yet another hour until I could fall back to sleep! But once I did, I was out like a light, and when my alarm went off this morning, I did NOT want to get up. It took lots of longing thoughts about coffee to make me get out of bed, and I was wishing I had my old coffee maker, with the timer that you set the night before that automatically turns on when you set it to. However, it had to go to coffee maker heaven because it died. So now i have one that isn't quite as nifty, but it is better than nothing at all. well, I guess I can be glad it is bigger than the old one, it was only a 4 cup maker this one is a 10 cup maker.
However, tonight, becasue I don't go into work until late afternoon tomorrow, I can stay up all night if I want to because it doesn't matter! So, anyway, here I go back to my stitching and Gilmore Girls. Bye!
Oh yes, and thanks to all of you who have left comments, they really mean alot to me! =)

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Picture time!

This is a picture of what I am doing for hubby for Valentines day, and here is my progress:
Not bad huh? It is going to be a quick piece, I think. Oh yay! a happy dance for me! Not yet though, I still have quite a ways to go.

I thought these hearts were SSSOOOO cute, and just HAD to stitch them! And since my hubby loves to read and loves book marks I knew he'd love this! At least I hope he does. Oh well, if he doesn't, I do, and i will keep it for myself.=) o.k. back to stitching!

Monday, January 09, 2006

i got some stitching in

First of all I would like to thank yu who commented after the note I wrote this morning. It just hit me so hard right after I read the e-mail from my cousin. But tonight I am starting to feel better. I put a few stitches into my Valentine piece for Hubby. The poor guy has to work nights again starting tomorrow, poor me too! I can never sleep too well when he is not here. So, I know it will be a few late nights for me, oh well, more time for stitching. So, tonight for soem reason I have sat ont he computer for way too long, but I found some new stitching blogs, and what I do when I find ones I think I may be interested in, is I read them all the way through. the one I am reading now is by Adventure's in X-stitching, I like it alot. I can't stop reading, hence all the time on the computer. I really should try to go to bed because with hubby not going to be here the next few nights, I am going to need at least one good nights rest. But! I drank coffee, and there is no way on earth I will be able to fall asleep right now. WHY do I do that?! WHY? I drink coffee int he evenings, and then...I have a hard time going to sleep. I should start making decaf, but it seems like when I get home from work, I need a little pick me up, and so I make a pot of regular coffee. I guess somewhere during the evening I should brew some decaf, so I can still enjoy the coffee, but not have to deal with the caffiene. I will never learn! Oh well, I can look at it as just more time for stitching. That is what this week is going to be for, when I can't sleep while hubby is at work, I will read and stitch. I am lucky I only have one day where I have to work 10-3:30 on Wednesday tomorrow and Thursday I work in the late afternoon/evening, so can sleep in if need be, and Friday and Saturday I am off work.So, if I can just get a good nights rest tomorrow night, for Weds, I'll be alright.
Well, I think I will go stitch a bit more before I will go to bed. Bye!
I will try to post pictures of my Valentine piece tomorrow!


I don't know where to start. I heard this weekend from my family, and I recieved an e-mail from my cousin's wife that one of my cousins found out this week that he has Prostate cancer. It is in the later stages, but they're going to fight it. I am at a loss of words to write, It is hard when it is your own family that is suffering. You never think it will happen to you or your family, but man, when it does, it sure hits hard.

I was going to post all about my new start and even include pics, but that all seems so irrelevent at the moment, I don't feel like I should be enjoying things like this, while someone I know and love is staring death in the face. It goes to show that life is short, and we really should take each day as a gift. Nothing like a tall glass of reality to remind us of this!

I may write more later on stitching news tonight but for now, I just...yeah.=(
If you could keep my cousin in thoughts and prayer, I would greatly appreciate it, thank you!

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Looking for ONE itsy little pattern and I relapse!

Yup, that's right. I decided that I wanted to stitch something a little Valentine-y, maybe something small for my DH, I knew exactly what I was looking for I just had to find it, in one of the many magazines in my stash drawer! so, started the long process of looking through just about every magazine in every drawer to find this rather small item, And! in so doing, ended up finding all sorts of other patterns that I would like to stitch, one of these days, and so out came the little sticky notes, and a pen so I could make note of the items I want to stitch in each magazine, well, I have found that my taste for stitching has evolved since a few years ago, probably as a result of blog reading! I see so many neat things that I would like to stitch, well, so as I was going through these magazines I make tiny notes, and my notes...well, lets see? At this point I really would never need to buy another pattern ever, just flosses and fabrics. we all knwo this will never happen, that I will undoubtedly buy more and more patterns and kits, but it's the principle of the thing! all I was doing was looking for a tiny pattern, which is really cute though, and all of a sudden I find myself searching through every magazine finding everything i would like to stitch! It was almost as fun as going to the craft store! I was re entering a world of patterns i would love to stitch, and guess what?! I don't have to buy them! because i already have them! Now, if i could just remember this small thing when I want to go buy soemthing new, if instead of going to my favorite ONS or LNS I could just open my stash drawer, I could forever not have to spend any money.

OOps, I think I made a mistake in admitting that! if my hubby ever reads this post, he will forever remind me of the magazines, and not ever let me go to micheals or hobby lobby again! Maybe I should delete it.

Oh well, it was fun anyway. If a bit stressful knowing that I only have one life to get all these patterns stitched! Oh my, I better get on it! I will definitely post a picture of my new start, well, maybe, since it is for hubby, I haven't decided if I will keep it a secret or not.

the blue blob...

Well, I decided to scan a picture of the blob, so here it is, at 4 hours. Anf the next picture is of the same but I placed a dime next to the stitching so you can see just how small it really is!

I think that this is what I will be working on today, looking at it has inspired me to pick up my needle!

I did it!

I broke through my slump! Yesterday I worked an hour and a hlaf on "The Abbey" and well, I guess at over 900 stitches in on it, I should feel like I could post a progress picture, but it is still just a blob of blue, I guess I could post it, and you all could watch the blob grow bigger! =P

Thank you to Von and Anne For your comments! I am happy to report, I am over my slump bump. Today I think I will try to put some more time into "The Abbey", I really would like to have this one finished by my birthday (Nov. 10th) of this year, but who knows if thatwill truly happen, with the way I like to trade out my WIPs. I am so sporatic, I have no real rotation system, and I think that is so bad, because I won't get anything finished- not of I am sporatically trading out thirty projects on a whim. I should try to narrow it down to 5, that way I will only work on those 5 for a month, then trade a few pieces out, I don't know.

Anne! I hear those dolphins bumping around in my To do drawer...I am going to have to pull them out here soon. =)

Well, today is my day off, I think I shall plop my behind on the couch with a fluffy blanket and stitching projects and stitch my day away in front of the T.V. Yes, that sounds like a great idea, doesn't it? bye!

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Not much stitching going on...

The past few days I have been in a stitching slump- big time. Thursday I didn't pick up a needle at all, I spent all my time doing housework until it was time to go to work, and yesterday I put about 30 stitches (if that) in on November Quilt. I don't know why I am feeling this way. I hate it when I get in slumps. I read all these blogs so I should be super inspired, and I am, sorta, I am seeing lots of progress pictures, and lots of new starts and I think I should pick up "The Abbey", or something and get some progress in on it, but I haven't done so yet. Maybe today before I go off to work. I don't go in until 3:30 this afternoon, so if I start now I have 7+ hours to get some serious stitching in. But the question is, will I? Come to think of it, I will. I am going to finish this post here, and grab "The Abbey", or "Snow Valley Express" and get to work, because I really need to. O.k. with that said I don't have much else to ramble on about, so here I go, to break this stitching slump right now. Bye! Or, maybe I will work some more on Patchwork Bears. hmm...the possibilities are endless!

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Some reward stitching

Well, yesterday to reward myself for working so diligently on mom's nov. quilt over the weekend, I pulled out one of my older WIPs...Patchwork bears. I had tried yesterday to upload a picture, but it was taking too long to work so I just siad forget it, so no picture, but It is a really cute colorful piece, with three teddy bears, one is holding a few balloons and the border looks like a patchwork quilt. There are all sorts of pretty bright colors in it. So, I worked on it for a few hours yesterday, just to mix things up a bit. I am so not a rotaion person, but I enjoy picking up other pieces a lot, I get bored working with the same thing all the time. So, that is all that is going on here. I think i will probably put Patchwork Bears away today and work on snow Valley express, as it is probably feeling abit neglected, since I haven't worked on it for a few weeks now. So, that is what I will work on today. Happy Thursday everyone!

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Hubby's stitching progress.

Hubby refuses to have a stitching blog, because he says it's not his passion , it is mine, but he wants me to post his progress pictures. He is just lucky I love him, huh?=) So, here is his eagle, he is doing pretty good, I think. The top part is the wing and you can see the start of the beak in the center, a few yellowish stitches, and the cream stitches are the head. So, right now it sorta just looks like a weeping brown blob, but it is coming along. I am so proud of him ::Bats eyelashes:: Oh,and thank you everyone for the comments! It is so wonderful to be able to share what I am working on. And to hear what people think. well, gotta get going. More later!

twenty hours? I meant thirty!

Oops, I made a mistake, earlier I wrote that was 20 hours of progress on Nov. Quilt, it is actually 30...but now i have 31 and a half, as I just stitched right through watching Speed 2, so, that was really 30 hours, not 20!

November Quilt, progress picture:

Well, here is November Quilt at 20 hours:

The past few days i have mostly been trying to fill in the bottom part with the grass/irt under the wagon. It is looking good, I think. I want to get back to workin gon the quilt itself and maybe tonight after I get home from work, I will do just that, or! maybe I will work on Snow Valley Express.Hmmm...Well, not much to write just wanted to fill you in on this progress here.

Monday, January 02, 2006

November quilt progress.

Well, I worked on November Quilt for an hour last ngiht, and three more this morning. I am working on the green grassy part underneath the wagon. It is coming along ok, I think, but I still have a long ways to go yet! I am hoping to finish this first page of the pattern by the end of this month. I would really like to have it finished by the end of this week, but I doubt that will truly happen. There is so much work left to do on the quilt itself, and it is the hardest part of the piece, I think. There is alot of complications, not to mention a lot of 3/4 stitches! UGH! I think I could finish the grassy part tonight, and then start serious work on the quilt itself tomorrow, I think. I always think I can reach a particular goal and then I never do. So, I will just stitch as much as I can and then stop when I feel like it, and whatever I have finished, I will have finished, I just know that this has to be done by March 10th, that is the deadline I have set for myself, as I will have to have it framed and then sent to California to my mom, for her birthday which is on April 23rd. Although, I think I could move the due date up to the first of April, and still have enough time to send it and have it get there in time, but! I also will have to get my fathers piece done, and his birthday is only 2 and a half weeks after mom's. So, I really need to get them done around the same time! That is why I have such an early deadline for my mom's, that way I will still have a month to finish dad's, to finish it off. but hopefully I will have had enough time put into it, that I won't need that whole month to finish dads. Oh man, I think the first of the year will be quite busy! If I can just get to March, and get these two obligation pieces done, then I will be done with obligation stitching for awhile...A LONG while, and then can concentrate on the million and one things I would like to stitch for myself. and with that said, I am going to go put at least another hour or two into November Quilt. And then perhaps switch over to Snow Valley Express.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

progress picture:

And here is Birdhouses of America Unite:

As you can see I have gotten sorta far. I think this is at like 5 or 6 hours. It is a quick stitch. I would put my progress on abbey on here too, but it is truly just a blob of blue, so I don't think I will yet. I want to get a bit further with that one before I post a picture. I think I am at about 4 or 5 hours on that one right now. Tonight I was actually just going to work a bit on November Quilt. I really need to keep up with my work on that one, as well as with Snow Valley Express. So, tonight I am going to get some time into it. I worked a tiny bit on it earlier today while I watched a movie, but not enough to catalogue any time on it. Well, I am going to go work on November Quilt, and see if I can't get some progress in on it. Happy new year!