Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Well, yesterday I wrote how I had so much to do and I probably wouldn't get it all done, lets see? I got the laundry done, and I worked on Snow Valley Express for a few hours, and nope, no work on H,L,J sampler, but I did make my goal to get to the trees yesterday on Snow Valley, so that is good. Today I work ALL day so I will probably not get as much stitching in as I would like. I am trying to get this bloggy-stuff done here soon, so I will have a little stitching time before going to work, we shall see.

I will have a little bit of time to get some stitching in tonight too, as I will be off work at 7, so it won't be too terribly late, but by the time I come home, shower, eat dinner, and chat with DH for a bit, it seems all I have energy for is slouching on the couch with a movie, and then bed. So, we shall see, tomorrow I only have a short 5 1/2 hours shift, so will have lots of stitching time in the evening, and on Thursday I only have another short shift so will get to stitch all morning and don't go into work until 3:30 in the afternoon, so will have all morning and early afternoon to get some stitching in. And then! for once! I actually have the entire weeknd off from work Fri-Sun. So, hopefully lots of stitching time in then! So, if I can just get through work today I will have lots of me time this week.

It's hard because during the holidays the store was super busy so I was pulling 8 hour shifts for about a month, I got used to it, and then after the holidays things dies, so we went back to short 5/6 hour shifts, so then my body got used to that, and now we are starting to get 8 hour shifts again, and now I have to get used to it all over. I am glad I only have the one 8 hour shift this week. I just hope it goes fast!

Well, off I got to get my blogs read and then to stitch for a little bit before getting ready for work. Bye!


Anonymous said...

I just noticed your current WIP. You are stitching along fine. Enjoy. Ann.

Von said...

Hi Lana! Hope you have a great day and a relaxing evening :)