Monday, January 23, 2006

No new progress...

Well, no progress on Home, Love, Joy, but I worked a bit on Snow Valley Express last night. I am tired of working on the train part, all those grays and blah colors, but I started working a bit on the mountain with the snow, so right now I am working with some blues and I am hoping to get into the trees today. That was my goal last night because there is a trail of blue that leads up to the trees and I worked on the blue trail, so I am really hoping to be able to work on the trees today, before I go back to the dreaded black and grays of the train itself. We shall see. Today is my day off, and I am hoping to get some good stitching time in, but we all know what happens when we state "goals" for the day, they don't quite work, it seems like we jinx ourselves. Plus I am hoping to get back to Home Love Joy for a bit today and see if I can't get the entire top half copmletely finished, so lots of goals for the day, as well as some laundry and housework. So, off I go to get them done


Dawn said...

Lana-Thank you for visiting my blog. You are a wonderful stitcher, too. I will most definitely be reading your blog. :D

Von said...

Hi Lana,
I am always amazed by you stitchers using rotations :) I think if I did one, I would have to go on a monthly rotation, lol!

BeckySC said...

Hi Lana :)

I love your progress...I have that one marked to do in the future :)
Yours is looking GREAT! Congrats :)

I try and stay away from goals :) I do better without them :):)

hugs :)