Saturday, January 28, 2006

Thank you much for the thoughts, yes,I think you are so right, I really need to get rid of the reds! I love that color combo though. Pinks and grays look good too, I could do like mauve and rose pinks, with the grays...? Hmmm..? I was just tossing the idea around. There are a few other colors I could work with like magenta/pinks, and tourqiouse (sp?) I don't know. I am sure I will figure something out. I just felt like doing something fun and creative that was sorta my own. I really should just soncentrate on the million and one projects already in the works for now, and when I finish them, then work on something.

Anyway, thank you to all who gave me your ideas.

Well, today was very relaxing much like yesterday. I am still very tired, and want to sleep all the time, I don't know why! It is frustrating, you know? But I will cope, and get through this, maybe I need to do some more exercise! Or take vitamins. I try to take a "one a day" type vitamin, because I know I don't eat right, but goodness, this just stinks. I am probably drinking too much coffee! I am addicted to it, and I drink it all day long, or maybe it is my calcium level, which I am calcium deficient,and I know that already, maybe I should get my blood checked. Maybe I am dehydrated!

Whatever it is, I don't like this one bit. It is really hard to stitch when all you want to do is lay down and go to sleep... again.


AnneS said...

Hopefully you'll get your energy back soon - I have times like that too, and I figure if my body is telling me I need rest, then I need it ... but then after a while you have to force yourself to get motivated again hmmm. I'm sure you'll get your colours sorted out when you're ready - I personally love the red and grey combination ... perhaps you just need to find some different reds. You could cheat and check out some floral designs that have red flowers, and see what combinations they used to get the shading 'just right' :))

Terri said...

The purple design - you did it in 40 minutes! That's incredible. Love your blog