Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Yippee for clearwire!

Finally DH broke down and got us clear wire, it is so nice not to have dumb dial up anymore! This thing is so fast!
Well, I have finally decided that I will put at least 1 thread per day in on Snow Valley Express, as I always have the hardest time pulling it out to work on it, So,that is my new goal for now. I need to work more on November Quilt as well. They are both due in a few months, and as I started this year thinking it was going to be a "Lana" year, I am sorely disappointed that I have to keep reverting back to these pieces. They are starting to frustrate me! I just want them to be done! So, maybe I should work more on them than on my other stuff, that way they will get done, and I won't have to worry about them anymore.

But then I see one of my much wanted WIP's staring at me and...ugh. o.k. I really shouldn't care, this is a hobby, right? So, I shouldn't be stressing out, it's just that I want to have these two finished in time for my parents b-days and they seem to be going so slow!

Well tomorrow is my day off, and I plan on sitting and getting alot of stitching and fun reading in. I will probably sit in front of the computer reading blogs all day. =P Well, I am going to try to get my housework done tonight when I get home from work and then I will have all of tomorrow to do whatever I feel like!

Last night I finally got good rest, and I feel pretty good today! I feel rested and my stomach doesn't hurt, as it has the past few days. So, lets hope this keeps up.
Well, gotta get going and get ready for work, I will try to post some progress pictures, later today maybe, I worked on Birdhouses of America Unite last night for about an hour and it is coming along.


Anonymous said...

Happy stitching. You are right. It is a hobby. Enjoy ;-) Ann.

AnneS said...

I can empathise with you about stitching commitments - I felt that way about the Dratted Dolphins ... I find now I'm stitching them more regularly, though, that I'm enjoying them more again - or perhaps I just see the light at the end of the tunnel that I really CAN get it finished (and what a huge relief that day will be!). It's difficult to drag out those projects we no longer love - you just have to bite the bullet and force yourself to stitch a tiny bit in among other more fun projects ... every stitch in is a stitch closer to finishing (I'm trying to convince myself of that too LOL).