Sunday, January 08, 2006

Looking for ONE itsy little pattern and I relapse!

Yup, that's right. I decided that I wanted to stitch something a little Valentine-y, maybe something small for my DH, I knew exactly what I was looking for I just had to find it, in one of the many magazines in my stash drawer! so, started the long process of looking through just about every magazine in every drawer to find this rather small item, And! in so doing, ended up finding all sorts of other patterns that I would like to stitch, one of these days, and so out came the little sticky notes, and a pen so I could make note of the items I want to stitch in each magazine, well, I have found that my taste for stitching has evolved since a few years ago, probably as a result of blog reading! I see so many neat things that I would like to stitch, well, so as I was going through these magazines I make tiny notes, and my notes...well, lets see? At this point I really would never need to buy another pattern ever, just flosses and fabrics. we all knwo this will never happen, that I will undoubtedly buy more and more patterns and kits, but it's the principle of the thing! all I was doing was looking for a tiny pattern, which is really cute though, and all of a sudden I find myself searching through every magazine finding everything i would like to stitch! It was almost as fun as going to the craft store! I was re entering a world of patterns i would love to stitch, and guess what?! I don't have to buy them! because i already have them! Now, if i could just remember this small thing when I want to go buy soemthing new, if instead of going to my favorite ONS or LNS I could just open my stash drawer, I could forever not have to spend any money.

OOps, I think I made a mistake in admitting that! if my hubby ever reads this post, he will forever remind me of the magazines, and not ever let me go to micheals or hobby lobby again! Maybe I should delete it.

Oh well, it was fun anyway. If a bit stressful knowing that I only have one life to get all these patterns stitched! Oh my, I better get on it! I will definitely post a picture of my new start, well, maybe, since it is for hubby, I haven't decided if I will keep it a secret or not.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had fun discovering all these patterns. Happy stitching. Ann.

AnneS said...

Sounds like you've been having a ball looking through your old stash of magazines - what a great way to spend your time! And don't forget to tell you husband, you still have to go into Michael's etc to pick up DMC for those magazine projects - and you can't help it if things jump off the shelves into your basket of their own accord! ;) Look forward to seeing which projects you choose :)