Sunday, January 08, 2006

I did it!

I broke through my slump! Yesterday I worked an hour and a hlaf on "The Abbey" and well, I guess at over 900 stitches in on it, I should feel like I could post a progress picture, but it is still just a blob of blue, I guess I could post it, and you all could watch the blob grow bigger! =P

Thank you to Von and Anne For your comments! I am happy to report, I am over my slump bump. Today I think I will try to put some more time into "The Abbey", I really would like to have this one finished by my birthday (Nov. 10th) of this year, but who knows if thatwill truly happen, with the way I like to trade out my WIPs. I am so sporatic, I have no real rotation system, and I think that is so bad, because I won't get anything finished- not of I am sporatically trading out thirty projects on a whim. I should try to narrow it down to 5, that way I will only work on those 5 for a month, then trade a few pieces out, I don't know.

Anne! I hear those dolphins bumping around in my To do drawer...I am going to have to pull them out here soon. =)

Well, today is my day off, I think I shall plop my behind on the couch with a fluffy blanket and stitching projects and stitch my day away in front of the T.V. Yes, that sounds like a great idea, doesn't it? bye!


AnneS said...

No, don't do it! Don't let the Dolphins out until you're over your stitching slump well and truly ... they'll only put you back in it again ;) LOL. Glad to hear you managed to get your needle moving again - and what better way to get some more progress done ... in my fave position, parked in front of the TV - sheer bliss! :)

Von said...

Lana, glad you're "over the bump" :) Each day brings new ups and downs and we just have to ride it out, lol!