Friday, January 20, 2006

Wow! Last night after I got off the computer from posting that last post, about the meds and whatnot, I got a second wind, afterall I had slept ALL day practically! So, I sat down with Home Love Joy, for about an hour. I need to post pictures soon, as I promised pictures every ten hours, and I am now at 11 1/2 hours, and I don't think I posted pics at 10 hours. I just have a little bit left to finish the top half of the piece, then it will be time to work on the bottom half of the pattern!

I don't go into work until 3:30 this afternoon, which gives me a bit of time this morning and early afternoon to get some stitching in, and I decided to not take my med until tonight that way maybe I can feel normal during the day and then sleep through all the weird effects,and not have to deal with it today.

Well, i think I will sign off here and return in a bit with a progress picture of Home Love Joy. Oh, i though tit was weird, because I didn't renew my subscription t stitcher's world, but they sent me a copy of their "New Look" or whatever, the only thing in there I would even remotely stitch would be the Spring Quilts by Ursula Micheals. I am liking the quilts, they had in the past two issues two, autumn and winter quilts, I may stitch them up eventually, but for now my plate is full.

O.k. off to scan pictures, be right back!

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