Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Well, yesterday I worked mostly on Snow Valley express. This morning I put about half an hours worth of work into Home Love Joy, that's all the stitching I have done today. Just that half hour before going to work. I think here ina bit I am going to go sit in bed and do some more work on that, I really wan tto finish the top half and be abel to start the bottom, I am SO close.

Snow Valley is looking pretty good, I think. Tomorrow I will try to post some pictures, even though I am only at 15 hours on that one, and I was going to post every ten hours. Oh well. I am proud of myself for making myself keep working on it. Actually the part I am working on right now isn't so bad, I was just getting bored with all the blacks and grays of the train itself, and the pattern is sorta complicated. I really have to concentrate on the pattern not to miscount or mess up. I am NOT looking forward to the detailed back stitching! YOu may have no idea what I am even talking abou tif you haven't seen this piece, but tomorrow I promise you will see it,because it will be posted. I will post a what it is supposed to look like and then maybe I'll show you how much I have done since the last time I posted a picture of it on here.

Well, for now I am going to go sit in bed and work on Home Love Joy, lets see if I can have a half-way mark happy that possible? I mean can you have a happy dance for half way being done? Or do you have to wait to do the jitterbug until the very end? hmmm...? You know? I think I can dance whenever I feel like it! Anyone care to join me?! Let's get down! =))

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AnneS said...

How about I do a 'mental jig' for ya? ;) Sat here in a pool of sweat in front of the electric fan, I don't think I have the energy to get up and boogie ... but I'm there for you in spirit ;) LOL. Congrats on that half-way mark - woohoo :)