Monday, January 09, 2006

i got some stitching in

First of all I would like to thank yu who commented after the note I wrote this morning. It just hit me so hard right after I read the e-mail from my cousin. But tonight I am starting to feel better. I put a few stitches into my Valentine piece for Hubby. The poor guy has to work nights again starting tomorrow, poor me too! I can never sleep too well when he is not here. So, I know it will be a few late nights for me, oh well, more time for stitching. So, tonight for soem reason I have sat ont he computer for way too long, but I found some new stitching blogs, and what I do when I find ones I think I may be interested in, is I read them all the way through. the one I am reading now is by Adventure's in X-stitching, I like it alot. I can't stop reading, hence all the time on the computer. I really should try to go to bed because with hubby not going to be here the next few nights, I am going to need at least one good nights rest. But! I drank coffee, and there is no way on earth I will be able to fall asleep right now. WHY do I do that?! WHY? I drink coffee int he evenings, and then...I have a hard time going to sleep. I should start making decaf, but it seems like when I get home from work, I need a little pick me up, and so I make a pot of regular coffee. I guess somewhere during the evening I should brew some decaf, so I can still enjoy the coffee, but not have to deal with the caffiene. I will never learn! Oh well, I can look at it as just more time for stitching. That is what this week is going to be for, when I can't sleep while hubby is at work, I will read and stitch. I am lucky I only have one day where I have to work 10-3:30 on Wednesday tomorrow and Thursday I work in the late afternoon/evening, so can sleep in if need be, and Friday and Saturday I am off work.So, if I can just get a good nights rest tomorrow night, for Weds, I'll be alright.
Well, I think I will go stitch a bit more before I will go to bed. Bye!
I will try to post pictures of my Valentine piece tomorrow!

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Von said...

Hi Lana, I used to be able to drink coffee anytime and still sleep soundly at night - not any more!! I find I should quit by about 2-3 p.m. However, if I switch over to tea, I am fine. Guess just a little reduction helps :)