Saturday, January 14, 2006

Now what?

Hm. O.k, is it just me, or is there a feeling of enptiness when you finish a piece? I feel like starting another small one just for the sence of satisfactiona finish brings. Right now all my pieces are pretty big, and I like being able to finish something quick. There are another few pieces in the series from that book mark I am thinking about, I will have to scan a picture later,as hubby is on the computer with the scanner, We shall see.
Hubby loved his bookmark. Well, I think I am going to go try to get interested in Snow Valley Express. I need to get some much needed work in on that one.Time is ticking and my parents birthdays will be here soon. I figure the sooner I get those two done the sooner I can work on my own pieces guilt free!


Von said...

Lana, I think I understand what you mean about the empty feeling. Maybe that's why so many stitchers have several projects going on at once. When I finish something I like to leave it lying out where I can gaze at it and admire it when I'm reading or stitching my next project.

AnneS said...

Yup, it definitely is a common feeling ... perhaps that's why I have so many UFO's lying around - I can't bear to have them finished ;P