Tuesday, May 30, 2006

A much better day

Well, yesterday prooved to be a much better day than Sunday! Thank goodness, i wonder if my day had seemed so crappy because of not sleeping too well. I don't know, but yesterday I felt great! And now I have two whole days off work and almost a third, but not quite. so, anyway, I plan on getting alot of stitching in. I actually slept in this morning, which I hardly do , but I went to bed at 1 in the morning, then a fierce thunderstorm blew through less than an hour after I finally fell asleep, and woke me up, and since I didn't have to work today, I didn't even set the alarm! so, today I have quite the list of things I want to get done, I need to wash the car, and mow the lawn, and stitch and go to the store and do some laundry, and some tidying up.
Last night, I was good and worked on Nov. Quitl, but you can hardly see the progress, as it is just more backstitch. So, I think I will wait a bit before I post a picture of that one. today is Tuesday so it is "the Abbey" Day, I haven't really worked on that one for awhile. I need really good light for that one as I am stitching it on 22 count over 1. It's the smallest I have ever done before, and I really need the good light for it. So, anyway, after I get all my chores out of the way, I plan on sitting and putting some quality time in on it, but I want to make sure i finish everything else first, or i will just feel distracted and not be able to settle with my stitching, that always seems to happen to me, I think "I will sit and work on this for a few hours", then I think of something that needs to be done"Right now!" and off I go. anyway, so I think if I get all the chores done first then I will able to relax without worrying about not getting things done! alrighty, here I go to get those chores out of the way!

Monday, May 29, 2006

Happy Memorial Day!

Well, yesterday was the day from hell! I dealt with way too many people, and too much noise! Everyone was getting all their stuff together for the long weekend/holiday shindigs, and family gatherings and whatnot. Sometimes my days just breeze by, but yesterday was TOO long, and I get to deal with it all again today! But! In about 13 hours, I will be home and not have to go back to that place for 69 hours! yippeee! Then I only have to work a handful of hours before I get another day off! So, if I can just make it through today, I can breatha sigh of relief and relax! For almost three whole days. (Just three hours shy of three whole days)

Thus being said, I have to admit, that! I didn't do any stitching at all yesterday. And it was Sunday-Nov. Quilt day, and even though I didn't stitch on it yesterday at all, I do have a progress picture, so here it is! i still have alot of backstitching to do, and alot of it is hard to see, because it is dark brown on brown, on the wheels of the wagon, but it is getting done. I even got up super early this morning (Yeah, how many people do you know set their alarms for 5 in the morning on a Holiday?) anyway, I have to work at 10:30, so I thought I would try to get a good nights rest because I didn't get very much sleep the night before, and I am guessing that is why yesterday seemed so awful to me. I went to bed at 10 last night, so I could get up nice and early and get some stitching in before work. now how dedicated is THAT?! or maybe I should say How Addicted is THAT?! So, I am hoping that if I get to do some stitching this morning before going into work, maybe the day will be better. I am all rested up from a good nights rest, and add some relaxing stitching in there I should be good to go! Hope you all have a great Holiday, and don't forget to remember those who have done their jobs for the land of the free!

Sunday, May 28, 2006

doing well so far...

...With my rotation, that is! I worked on Dolphin's Domain yesterday a little bit before having to go into work, here is a picture.

It is hard to tell from this photo, but I put just a bit of Light grey into the dolphins, there is probably less than 100 stitches in there, but! I did work on it, in so doing, I kept with my rotation! Yay for me! I have to work this entire holiday weekend! I cannot wait for tomorrow to be over! Then I have two days off, then work 5 hours Thursday and off Friday. Yesterday I worked 7 hours, today I work 8 hours, tomorrow I work 8 hours. Although I guess you could say I volunteered to work a full 8 hours tomorrow anyway, the store is only open until 6 because of the holiday, well for some reason the electronic printout of the schedule had the normal hours for my schedule, meaning they scheduled me until 9, so I was scheduled to work 1:30-9, but if I did go in at 1:30, I would only get 5 hours because the store really closes at 6, (clean up and getting all the stragglers out takes us about half an hour) So, I asked my manager if I could come in at 10:30 and then I would be getting a full eight hours, which was what I was scheduled for. So, I guess it is partly my fault, but oh well. I am looking forward to my days off this week, though, oh the bliss of three days off! ::sigh::

Last night, my friend Dianna and I went to a bar and watch a guitarrist that she is a groupie of, that was alright. It was weird though, because last night I was super tired after work and I really didn't want to go, plus I'd hurt my back at work, and I am a major intravert, so after I have been in a store around what seemed like millions of people all day, the last thing I want to do is go to a dumb smokey bar and listent o music that is being played WAY too loud for the tiny space it is being played in. So, I really didn't enjoy myself as much as I could have! But oh well. I would have much rather been at home stitching or sleeping. I am dreading today at work, because although I was dead tired last night, whenI got home I couldn't go to sleep until after 2 in the morning, and for some DUMB reason I was awake this morning at 5:30! So, I CANNOT wiat for today to be over! Actually I cannot wait for tomorrow to be over! I just want the next 48 hours to fly by! Sometimes I really hate my job!

Friday, May 26, 2006

Not much done, but here's a picture anyway...

Well, I did very little stitching today, but I did do some, you proabbly can't even tell, but since I have vowed that I am going to share photos everyday of my rotation progress, here it is. I worked on Dare to dream, I just put a little bit of green into the border there, I think that is about it. not much at all, but a photo is here. I am really trying to be disciplined, but truth be known, I am really not in a stitching mood lately. So, here it is, it is coming along, but it will be a slow process. Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Photos! Well, photo.

Well, I have been trying to get into a rotation. Because everyday I have been trying to get at least two hours of stitching in while I watch my day time T.V shows, and Today was Patchwork Bears day, and here is my progress. I was aiming to complete the entire left side of the border, however, I keep skipping around, because when i am done with one color thread in one section and if I have some left over I look around the chart to see if that tail end of thread might be used elsewhere, so then I fill in some more other areas. But as you can see, it is coming along. tomorrow is Friday and I believe it is "Dare to Dream" day. which is one I worked on along time ago, in a land far far away, ok, maybe not that far away, but the last time I worked on it was in 2005, I think, like the end of last year. So, I will pull that one out of the drawer and put some work into it.
Right now, my rotation looks like this:

Mon- November Quilt
Tues- The Abbey
Wed- Snow Valley Express
Thurs- Patchwork Bears
Fri- Dare to Dream
Sat- Dolphins Domain
Sun- November Quilt

So as you can see November Quilt has two slots as it is my primary focus project. And as soon as it is done, which shouldn't be too long now, ( I know I probably just jinxed myself, by saying that) then I will put Snow Valley Express up as the primary focus piece. Because lets see? November Quilt was supposed to be my mother's b-day gift, and it was due April 23rd, (a month ago), and Snow Valley express was to be for my father who's b-day was May 14th, (11 days ago) Neither one is complete, Snow Valley is in worse shape. So, anyway, I am going to try to post more piccies of my daily progress. I just feel funny always showing the same piece over and over again, and so I thought by doing it this way I will actually be able to mix it up a bit. Alrighty, I am off to go outside and enjoy some sunshine. bye!

Sunday, May 21, 2006

And the days are just rollin' along...

Man, I can't believe DH has been gone two weeks already! It's funny because last week I thought time would drag by, but now I am in a groove of my own, and it's not much of a groove, per se, in fact I can't really even tell you WHERE the days go. all i know is I mostly clean my house when I am bored or depressed, to keep my mind occupied, and my house is a wreck right now, so judging by that I guess I must be fine! =) I don't even sleep that much either, because sleep can be a big time filler when you want time to go by quick, and I try to get up by 7/7:30 every morning. So, anyway. I DO miss him,though, andif I really start to think about that I will tear up. but it was just as I predicted! I was having a terrible time right before he left, and thought when he leaves things will get better, and they did. I guess there is just that anxiety of saying goodbye and thinking what will life be like without him here? but, your survival mode kicks in, I guess, and you just do the things you normally would, except now i have MORE time for stitching! =P Because I am not having to clear time to spend with him, I can just sit and stitch to my hearts content!
I hope you all have a wonderful week!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Photos finally!

O.k. I have decided it is time for some pictures. So many of you have been posting such nice pictures of all the things you are working on and I don't, or haven't been. and I love it when people post pictures, so I am sure you all would like to see some, right? So, this is November Quilt, with some of the back stitching on it. I started the wagon,a nd the pumpkins on the ground there, I don't know if you can even tell.

something occured to me this morning...I never showed you my finished Easter Bell Pull....there's a reason why....I didn't finish it yet! Because I didn't get it done by Easter, I just sort of set it aside a forgot about it. I think that should be my goal for now, is to finish the bell pull this month, shouldn't be too hard, don't have much left to do on it. I know it is WAY past Easter, but there is al
ways next year to display it.
This picture is of Dolphins Domain. I love the colors in this one. You can see the start of dolphin #1 here, just the outline. then in the upper left side there is a couple dark blotches, that is another dolphin, and then there is the outline of the third one and you can see where the fin will go, directly under dolphin #1's tail but I haven't started any stitching on it yet, you can just see where he is supposed to go. This one is fun, I love the colors in this one, there are alot of blended threads though, and alot of the background colors are all half stitches so they go quick. I pulled this one out from my stash drawer, just for a change in scenery. I love the fall colors in November Quilt, but in the middle of spring, they tend to seem very drab and dark. So, I pulled this one out just for a change, and also because I was starting to get the starters bug, and I really should not start another project, I have way too many WIP's and so I thought I might as well work on one that hasn't seen the light of day in a long time, just for a change. well, since not much stitching has been getting done on my end, I don't have anything else to show. I am really going to try to get more stitching in. You all inspire me, when I look at your blogs and they have all these finishes and progress pictures. Well, hope you enjoyed my photo update. Happy Wednesday

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Well, Happy Tuesday. Things here are starting to calm down a bit. And time is now just rolling on. It's been over a week since dh left, and things are alright. My friend came and installed the part for the car I got yesterday. So the car runs, but I took it around the block yesterday and I have no blinkers or anything. So, now I have to have him fix that, I am sure it is minor, probably just something that he disconnected when he had to take everything apart.
I'm not too worried about it.

Well, I have been back stitching a lot on my mom's November Quilt. I need to scan some pictures, I have also put in some time on Dolphin's Domain, and need to scan pictures of that too. Guess I should do that today. I haven't been posting too much, as I have been trying to stay busy...sorta. I find that I sack out in front of the TV for an awful lot of time, and during this time I have been doing some stitching, but I have mostly just been a couch potato. I have been reading others blogs, but don't feel like I have anything significant to say, so I haven't been writing as much on here. I guess I can post photos, so you can at least see how things are coming along. I have been thinking about trying to organize a rotation...again. But, who am I kidding? I never stick to them, so I don't know...
Yesterday was beautiful here, so I spent a lot of time outside sunbathing and reading. I haven't been up to much of anything, hobby wise, I spend a lot of time with the puppy, and watching TV, So, yesterday I MADE myself turn off the TV, and go outside and enjoy some reading. I really need to cut back on my TV time. Yes, I should cut it to two hours in the morning/afternoon,and two hours in the evening. actually evening TV is a disapointment to me. Last night I had the hardest time trying to find something to watch. and I pay almost 70 dollars a month for cable! You'd think that with paying THAT much, for a service I'd actually be satisfied...but, no! Oh well. Well, I think I am gonna get going and do some exercising. I have really been slacking off in that department too!

One thing I am noticing, is there is more food int he house. Last night I made a box of Hamburger Helper, and usually when DH is here we have no leftovers, he is a big guy (6'2, weighs over 200 pounds) and eats alot. And I still have anough left over for probably two more meals, from what I made last night for me! How nice. =)

Friday, May 12, 2006

Well, things are going along, but just not fast enough. I can't believe it is barely friday, Rob's been gone less than a week, but it feels like a year. Everyone keeps telling me that time will go fast. I guess that once I get a schedule down or get in my groove, it will, for now though it feels like he has been gone for a LONG time and it has only been 4 days. He called me this morning, and it was wonderful to hear his voice, though he sounds so different. Things are going alright. I had my friend check my car yesterday, and we found the problem, and it should only cost about 150$ to fix. So, yes, that is just the part that needs to be replaced, but by having a friend do the work, I don't have to pay anyone's outrageous labor fees at a garage or anything. and I don't have to pay to have it towed in to anyplace, so I really am keeping the cost down.

I really still have not done any stitching. Although I keep thinking I should do something productive. I think the days are going slow, so I should do some stitching to make the time go faster, wouldn't that make sence? I have been very distracted with the puppy. She is the best thing for me right now, there is nothing like a bit of a waggeling tail to bring a smile to one's face, and with Rob gone, she has brought so much happiness to my home in this time of lonliness. everytime I look at her I can't help but to smile.

Well, we shall see if I can get into some stitching today. Thank you everyone who posted comments on my last post, they made me realize I am not really alone, that I have friends in this stitching/bloggers community. thnak you everyone. hugs to you all. Your comments made me feel not so alone.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Well, sorry I haven't been posting much, but witht hte puppy, and my hubby leaving, I have had my hands full. He left Monday, and won't be back for 4-6 months! A few weeks ago, I announced I got my license, and was so happy, don't yah know? not even 48 hours after Rob leaves, my car dies! They say that as soon as they leave everything goes wrong! Last night when I got home from work, I went to turn the car off, and it won't turn all the way on or off,the key is stuck in the middle position, so all my dash lights, the AC, and lights and stuff are on, but the motor won't start or turn all the way off. I had a neighbor come by and disconnect the battery, so at least it wouldn't wear down. today when I got to work I have to talk to my friend, who is going to school to be a mechanic if he can possibly come by and look at it, and see if he can fix it, or what, i may be needing to

The only stitching I got done, was yesterday I worked on Dolphins Domain, while the puppy was at the vet's getting "fixed". But right now I just don't feel like doing much of anything. I feel a little down and out right now, yesterday I was so excited, I had my car, was able to get around and started thinking, "Hey! this deployment stuff won't be so bad," and then "Wham!" now I feel like we are back to square one. No car, have to take the bus to work, have no way to get my puppy around, my friend/neighbor, the one who helped me disconnect the battery last night took me this morning to pick my pup up from her surgery. I am just pretty frustrated. but I am not going to get too down about it, until I know what can or cannot be done about the problem.

But! on the other hand, DH called me this morning at 4, it was great to hear from him. Because last time we had talked he said he didn't think he would be able to call for about a week, or a few days at least. Well, I am going to go try to get into some stitching, before I have to get ready for work. Bye!

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Puppy Love

Yippeeee!!! I got my puppy! I got a four month old German Shepherd mix, and we named her "Freedom". She is the sweetest thing in the world! AND CUTE!!!! It makes letting Rob leave for deployment a LOT easier. Now I will have something to keep my mind on. We rescued her from the animal shelter here, that is why we named her Freedom, because we gave her just that! At first it was rough going, she was sad and quiet, and covered in Ticks and Fleas, but we sat and pulled about 15 ticks off her and got her some good tick/flea medicine from the vet and she is now one happy pup. Each day she seems a bit more spritely, and I can see her little personality coming through. She is really low key, though, and gentle, she loves to be held and pet, and loved on. And she loves her big back yard.
So, in lieu of all this, no stitching has gotten done. I am busy watching my baby grow up, and making sure she doesn't get into anything. Last ngiht, she peed in my husband's shoe. So, she got a scolding and we took her outside to do her business, and we were having a bad thunderstorm but there was a small break right then, and so she stood there for a second, not sure what to do just sniffing at the howling wind, and then tentively she satrted to tip toe into the grass, and all of a sudden there was a flash of lightning and thunder that even had me jumping! Poor thing! She just froze, so I ran over to her and picked her up, and brought her inside. she probably thought we did that to her to punish her for going to the restroom in the shoe. But this morning she woke up just a-waggin her tail, and went right to the back door to be let out.
I'm sorry I just can go on and on about this puppy. I have wanted one for so long, and I just love her to death. She has to go on Tuesday to get fixed, but that will be another post for later. we shall see if I get any stitching in at all the next few days.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Lotsa stitchin' goin' on!

Well, I have been basically just working on backstitching my mom's Nov. quilt. I worked on that mostly Monday. Yesterday I got about an hours worth of work in on my dad's Snow Valley Express, and this morning, I decided to treat myself, and pull out an OLD WIP- Dolphin Domian by Dimensions. I got this kit when I was in my last semester of college, and it seems totally senseless now, because I was supposed to be busy doing finishing up stuff for school, but I did it, I got the stash urge and bought the kit, and got a little bit of work in on it, but now I have had the urge to start something new, and I just couldn't let myself, so I pulled out something that I haven't seen in so long, it seems new...sorta.=)

Last night we had a terrible storm, there were tornados spotted about 15 miles away, and it knocked our power out, and since I had accidently left the computer on sleep mode, the poor thing had a hard time "waking up" this morning! It scared me I started thinking, great, now my computer is going to go kaput again. but after I started it about 3 times it got it's act together and I got to read my blogs.

It is beautiful outside right now, sunny and nice. You wouldn't think we'd just had a rip snorter blow through here last night. (rip snorter= BIG storm. a word my grandpa used to use.) Well, I'm off to work on dolphins domain. Talk to you later, with progress piccy's I hope!

Today is my day off and after hubby gets home from work, we are going puppy looking again. Last night he surprized me and got me two dog dishes (for food and water) and a leash, one of those cool ones that you can push the button, and it will stop it at a certain length. I can't wait to get a dog!

Monday, May 01, 2006

Just BSing around!...did I say that?!

Yes, I have been backstitching alot on my Nov. Quilt, since that is all there is left to do I guess I better keep on it. Now lets see if blogger will upload my photo. I tried also the other morning, but it wouldn't do it! ARGH! Lets see if it will now yup! Here it is! Now I just have to finish the backstitching, and I'll be done. I am hoping to have it finished by next weekend.

Anyway, this weekend was alot of fun. Rob and I went puppy looking. I want to get a dog really bad, because he is deploying soon, and I thought that having a dog would help me not be so lonely. On Saturday morning we went to the shelters, I saw the cutest, sweetest border collie, I wanted to take him home right then and there, but we were only looking, as we didn't have the money for him now. Plus I want to look around some more too.

Anyway, so I am getting puppy love big time now. I can't wait to get a dog.

In stitching news, I did a lot of backstitching yesterday while watching Mrs. Doubtfire. So, it is coming along, I think I may wait until it is completely finished to show you the next updated photo! Hopefully, I will have it done by the end of this week. That is my goal anyway. Then we shall see what I drag out of my drawer...probably need to get dad's underway. I should have been working on his all along, but I have really been trying to focus on Nov. Quilt. Well, I am off to get a work out in then sit and stitch for the rest of the afternoon before heading off for work.