Thursday, May 25, 2006

Photos! Well, photo.

Well, I have been trying to get into a rotation. Because everyday I have been trying to get at least two hours of stitching in while I watch my day time T.V shows, and Today was Patchwork Bears day, and here is my progress. I was aiming to complete the entire left side of the border, however, I keep skipping around, because when i am done with one color thread in one section and if I have some left over I look around the chart to see if that tail end of thread might be used elsewhere, so then I fill in some more other areas. But as you can see, it is coming along. tomorrow is Friday and I believe it is "Dare to Dream" day. which is one I worked on along time ago, in a land far far away, ok, maybe not that far away, but the last time I worked on it was in 2005, I think, like the end of last year. So, I will pull that one out of the drawer and put some work into it.
Right now, my rotation looks like this:

Mon- November Quilt
Tues- The Abbey
Wed- Snow Valley Express
Thurs- Patchwork Bears
Fri- Dare to Dream
Sat- Dolphins Domain
Sun- November Quilt

So as you can see November Quilt has two slots as it is my primary focus project. And as soon as it is done, which shouldn't be too long now, ( I know I probably just jinxed myself, by saying that) then I will put Snow Valley Express up as the primary focus piece. Because lets see? November Quilt was supposed to be my mother's b-day gift, and it was due April 23rd, (a month ago), and Snow Valley express was to be for my father who's b-day was May 14th, (11 days ago) Neither one is complete, Snow Valley is in worse shape. So, anyway, I am going to try to post more piccies of my daily progress. I just feel funny always showing the same piece over and over again, and so I thought by doing it this way I will actually be able to mix it up a bit. Alrighty, I am off to go outside and enjoy some sunshine. bye!


Kim said...

Congrats on getting your rotation all worked out. I don't think I could do one if I tried. :D Your project looks great! It's definately a fun one!

So what daytime shows do you watch? I'm a soap fan myself. ;)

Von said...

Hi Lana! Catching up again, lol! Glad to hear that you've adjusted to dh being gone and great to see some stitching progress! Way to go!