Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Photos finally!

O.k. I have decided it is time for some pictures. So many of you have been posting such nice pictures of all the things you are working on and I don't, or haven't been. and I love it when people post pictures, so I am sure you all would like to see some, right? So, this is November Quilt, with some of the back stitching on it. I started the wagon,a nd the pumpkins on the ground there, I don't know if you can even tell.

something occured to me this morning...I never showed you my finished Easter Bell Pull....there's a reason why....I didn't finish it yet! Because I didn't get it done by Easter, I just sort of set it aside a forgot about it. I think that should be my goal for now, is to finish the bell pull this month, shouldn't be too hard, don't have much left to do on it. I know it is WAY past Easter, but there is al
ways next year to display it.
This picture is of Dolphins Domain. I love the colors in this one. You can see the start of dolphin #1 here, just the outline. then in the upper left side there is a couple dark blotches, that is another dolphin, and then there is the outline of the third one and you can see where the fin will go, directly under dolphin #1's tail but I haven't started any stitching on it yet, you can just see where he is supposed to go. This one is fun, I love the colors in this one, there are alot of blended threads though, and alot of the background colors are all half stitches so they go quick. I pulled this one out from my stash drawer, just for a change in scenery. I love the fall colors in November Quilt, but in the middle of spring, they tend to seem very drab and dark. So, I pulled this one out just for a change, and also because I was starting to get the starters bug, and I really should not start another project, I have way too many WIP's and so I thought I might as well work on one that hasn't seen the light of day in a long time, just for a change. well, since not much stitching has been getting done on my end, I don't have anything else to show. I am really going to try to get more stitching in. You all inspire me, when I look at your blogs and they have all these finishes and progress pictures. Well, hope you enjoyed my photo update. Happy Wednesday


Isabelle said...

November Quilt is gorgeous, Lana!

Kim said...

Both look great! Your quilt wagon is so pretty and nearly done, yay for you! :D