Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Lotsa stitchin' goin' on!

Well, I have been basically just working on backstitching my mom's Nov. quilt. I worked on that mostly Monday. Yesterday I got about an hours worth of work in on my dad's Snow Valley Express, and this morning, I decided to treat myself, and pull out an OLD WIP- Dolphin Domian by Dimensions. I got this kit when I was in my last semester of college, and it seems totally senseless now, because I was supposed to be busy doing finishing up stuff for school, but I did it, I got the stash urge and bought the kit, and got a little bit of work in on it, but now I have had the urge to start something new, and I just couldn't let myself, so I pulled out something that I haven't seen in so long, it seems new...sorta.=)

Last night we had a terrible storm, there were tornados spotted about 15 miles away, and it knocked our power out, and since I had accidently left the computer on sleep mode, the poor thing had a hard time "waking up" this morning! It scared me I started thinking, great, now my computer is going to go kaput again. but after I started it about 3 times it got it's act together and I got to read my blogs.

It is beautiful outside right now, sunny and nice. You wouldn't think we'd just had a rip snorter blow through here last night. (rip snorter= BIG storm. a word my grandpa used to use.) Well, I'm off to work on dolphins domain. Talk to you later, with progress piccy's I hope!

Today is my day off and after hubby gets home from work, we are going puppy looking again. Last night he surprized me and got me two dog dishes (for food and water) and a leash, one of those cool ones that you can push the button, and it will stop it at a certain length. I can't wait to get a dog!


Von said...

Oh, Lana, you'll enjoy having a little dog so much. My dh and I got a puppy shortly after we were married and we sure loved that little guy.
Tornados scare me worse than just about anything. Glad yesterday's didn't get any closer.

Lili said...

Hi Lana!
Your Nov Quilt is incredibly changing with the bs! It will end out really lovely! I'm partial: love the autumn colours used...
Sorry to read that your DH will soon be gone for work...
I have a dog that my DH and I "bought" one month after we had our first flat. There was a big park just at the rear door, so it was great! Jam got to meet lots of other dogs, and we got to know lots of dog owners... Incrediblle how having a dog can fill your life! Not only the puppy himself (lots of housework... and loads of fun) but also the people you meet thanks to him!
I can only encourage you to choose the race carefully, according to what you expect from your dog, and flee dominating puppies! Don't forget the tests you can do to choose them, like putting them on their back, place your hand on their belly and see if they accept your domination. It's important...
Good luck with all this!
Lots of hugs!

Lelia said...

Lana: There is a lot of truth to your reasoning -- pull out something you haven't touched in awhile & it looks sorta new. LOL --

BSing is not much fun; however, the results are worth it. November Quilt is lovely.

Enjoy your puppy shopping. Pick out a charming pup with character!