Thursday, August 30, 2012


I forgot to let you all know: I'm safe! Bolaven didn't blow me into the ocean! I got some stitching in, but spent most of my time, reading. I will post a stitching update on my first 2 "Littlest Stockings" soon. I am almost done with them, just need to back stitch the one and will share them! I haven't touched The Abbey in about a week, but I should probably still share what I have on it too! Ooops, I have been a bad blogger lately.

Will post again soon! Thank you for all the friendly well wishes for the storm, we made it through just fine, we didn't even lose electricity!

Saturday, August 25, 2012


I am sitting here as the first sheets of rain are pouring out of the sky. I live on the tiny island of Okinawa Japan, and we are waiting for Super Typhoon Bolaven to unleash it's wrath on us! It is to be the worst storm this island has seen in 13 years! Winds from 130-150 mph are expected to blow through starting later this afternoon, and all into tomorrow! Please pray for us.

We ARE safe here, as the buildings are built to withstand these storms, it's not like in the States where a storm is likely to ground entire counties. Here, as long as you stay indoors, you are pretty safe, even the windows are built to withstand the high winds, something like a windshield! We don't even have to board our windows, they are storm-ready!! I don't know what the next 48 hours will hold, if we'll lose power or anything like that, chances are we may lose it for a while, but as soon as this thing has gone past, I'll let you know how we fared!

My prayers go out to those who are looking storm Isaac in the face! I pray you all stay safe and have minimal to no damage to your property, etc.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

So, it's's not too early for it?

Nope, not when it comes to Christmas Stitching!!! My first Christmas Card finish for 2012! Last year I stitched about 10 different patterns for my cards and gave everyone a different one, but this year I have decided to do them all in this pattern...I will however be changing up the colors...of the words, and the snowman's hat and scarf, so....I don't know how this is gonna be for me, I hope I don't get bored with stitching the same design over and over and ooooveeerrr...but I also have some other Christmas Smalls I wanna get done this year too....Ornaments! I have had a book of Christmas Ornaments for quite a few years, and about 5 years ago I actually DID stitch up some of them, and used them as decoration on presents, so they all went bye bye, but this year I have decided I'm gonna open up to page #1, and stitch right through the whole book! FOR ME! (There are 78 different ornies in this book,) there are "sets" or series if you will...or collections....for example "Littlest stockings" there are 12 of them, and "Christmas Critters" twelve of them, 12 santa Clauses, 12 different animals playing in the snow, 12 different snowmen, there's a Noah's ark theme, and also a set of Country Folk as well, I want to do all of them....So, I am really excited for that project, as most of you who have read this blog for awhile know, I LOVE series of things....I'm weird, I know, so the first collection I will be doing is the "Littlest stocking" series, so will show photos of them as I work on them.

I will still work on The Abbey, as well as try to get some work in on "Snow Valley Express" (You can find it in my labels on my sidebar if you're curious! ) I took the month of July "off" from serious stitching and I come back with my mojo in full swing, ready to stitch everything I see! I love this feeling!

Thank you for reading, and for my new followers-Welcome! I am so glad you're here! I hope you enjoy seeing all my stitching, as much as I enjoy stitching them! Hope you all have a wonderful week!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Ha! So much for poppin' in more in the month of August!

I was really hoping to update here more often! I HAVE been stitching! As you can see...I have just been not on the computer lately, as I am trying to catch up on some things that went undone last getting more stitching in! So, here is where I am now:
That looks really wonky, doesn't it? Like the bottom part is is! LOL....But you can see how far along I have gotten! Quite a little bit, I'd say. I was hoping to get a finish on this page by the end of this month! I think if I stay focused, I may get it done! Wish me luck!

Monday, August 06, 2012