Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Been stitching Beary Much!

I have really been working alot on these little bears!! A finish is so close!! Gosh I think I will have two pretty large finishes here very soon! This one and Howling at the Moon are neck-n-neck in the race to happy dances!! At this rate I will be happy dancing for a week! LOL...I am completely finished with the x's on the little bear, just have to back stitch him, and then all I have left is to finish Papa bear and Wa-la! Watch this space!!!

This weekend will be very busy as we have the March of dimes walk Saturday Morning then our p90 work out (Which we are on day 4 of, and it's going GREAT!), then lunch and then making dinner for our friends who lost their son in a tragic accident last month, who will be returning to the island after being in the States for the burial and such for the past 40 days. And we will be going to the Airport to pick them up in the evening as well. And! This weekend is my SAL weekend on Coming Home for the Holidays with Julie. So, a BUSY weekend is glaring me in the face!! And then of course the following weekend is Easter and we also get to go view our family portraits that we had done on the 20th of March so another pretty busy weekend!!! Wow! But I will try to keep needle to fabbie and stitch as much as possible.

I think in my next post I will ask your opinion on a new purchase, as I would like to reward myself with some new stash for finishing Howling at the Moon, and also ask your opinion about what I should work on next! So lots of stuff coming up here! Thank you to everyone who stops by to say hello and those silent lurkers as well! I appreciate every hit I get and especially all the lovely comments!!!

Have a great weekend! Joyful stitching!!!

Monday, March 26, 2012

March of Dimes

On Saturday Morning me and my Husband will be walking 3.1 miles to help support March of Dimes to help babies who are born premature or with birth defects. If you would like to donate to this cause please click the Words "DONATE NOW" below, it will take you to our donation page. There is a Pink "Donate Now" button int he center of the page you can click there to enter your info for a donation. Thank you!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Howling at the Moon....SOOOO close!!!

There is still a bit to do, but the closer I get to a finish the more I wanna work on it!!! I am SO excited about this one!!! Polish off those dancin' shoes, I think I'll have a Happy dance for this one SOON!!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

IIIIII'm Baaaaack!!!

Hello all! I am back and I have progress to share!!! Go figure, been gone 5 weeks and I have progress? Who knew? Eh, anyone as addicted to the needle as I am you all should know that even though I may not have the time to blog, I am still gonna find time to stitch! So here is my progress on Patchwork bears!
Ok so I was gonna crop it and make it pretty, but I forgot! OOOps! I have completely finished the border, and worked quite a bit on the bears! I definitely see a finish on this one soon! Much sooner than I'd originally anticipated! (Which was June 1st)

I also have a little progress to show on "Howling at the Moon", but it's not much since I spent most my stitching time on this one. So I will work on Howling a bit this weekend and show progress on Monday! I am setting a goal to finish Howling by May 1st! We shall see!! Thank you to my new followers! And I will see yah Monday...have a great weekend!
Gosh it feels great to be back!

(Scroll down about three posts to see my last photo of this one if you wanna see how much progress has actually been done! )

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Just a quick hello!

So this evening I had some time so I dropped in on a bunch of blogs and left hellos in the comments!! I miss you all sooooo much! But! I AM enjoying my visit with my mom so much!! She has 2 more weeks left here! And then normal life will resume. I have actually been able to get a surprisingly good amount of stitching in while she's been here, as she loves spending time with the baby (of course! what proud grammy doesn't?!) giving me time to....stitch!!! I have actually just about finished the entire border around "Patchwork Bears" and worked some on the bears themselves! I had set myself a goal to have it finished by June 1st of this year, but I think I will be seeing a finish on it WAAAAAY before then!!! I will share photos soon, promise!!!

Thank you all again for your patience as I have not been around much! I will be sad for my mom to leave, but also I am anxious to return to the normalcy of life! See yah soon!