Sunday, May 21, 2006

And the days are just rollin' along...

Man, I can't believe DH has been gone two weeks already! It's funny because last week I thought time would drag by, but now I am in a groove of my own, and it's not much of a groove, per se, in fact I can't really even tell you WHERE the days go. all i know is I mostly clean my house when I am bored or depressed, to keep my mind occupied, and my house is a wreck right now, so judging by that I guess I must be fine! =) I don't even sleep that much either, because sleep can be a big time filler when you want time to go by quick, and I try to get up by 7/7:30 every morning. So, anyway. I DO miss him,though, andif I really start to think about that I will tear up. but it was just as I predicted! I was having a terrible time right before he left, and thought when he leaves things will get better, and they did. I guess there is just that anxiety of saying goodbye and thinking what will life be like without him here? but, your survival mode kicks in, I guess, and you just do the things you normally would, except now i have MORE time for stitching! =P Because I am not having to clear time to spend with him, I can just sit and stitch to my hearts content!
I hope you all have a wonderful week!


Faith Ann said...

Glad you've found your groove to pass the time until DH returns :)

A coworker of mine is married to a military man and she was just telling me a couple of weeks ago how she finds the first week really rough but then settles into her own routine. I guess when you know you have to adjust, you do!

At least you'll get lots of stitching done! Have a great week!!

Lili said...

Glad to read you're on the survival mode! That just does it!
Take care!