Saturday, March 10, 2007

I feel my college days coming back to haunt me!

Ok, anyone who went to college and was serious about their grades and who had a full course load or more knows the feeling of sleep deprivation, well, I feel that right now.
Last night we ran the paper route for the first time...interesting! My hubby did the driving and most the manual labor, while I read the driving instructions to him. the lady who's route this is is quitting and she rode along with us, to show us the ropes. Plus she had the whole route all 300+ papers written out so anyone with half a brain could figure out which houses to hit, from turns in the road to house descriptions, I mean it was so easy! so, I sat and read him the driving instructions and he tossed and threw and ran the papers to their destinations. I got off scott free! I feel horrible! All I did was sit there! and he did all the work, and the route is in my name! anyway. It's a fairly easy route, and I'm sure that within a few weeks we will have it memorized, but right now, it is just tricky. It didn't even take us long at all to do, only about 45 minutes to roll and wrap, and an hour to deliver. We got home at 5 am. The papers were a little late getting to us, that took about an hour,we were there to pick up the papers at 1:15 but they didn't get to us until 3. So we woulda been done sooner, but they got a little backed up with their delivery to us.
The worst part is that I went to bed at 6 in the morning and my body clock woke me up at 9:30. NOOOOOOO!!!! So, I got up and here I am! I didn't sleep at all last night, before the route, well maybe a little 1/2 hours nap. Oh man, and tonight is daylight savings. What the heck! My time clock will be so screwed up anyway that I doubt that will matter to me much this time around.
Well, onto the fun stuff...stitching! I worked on The Abbey all day yesterday. Once I get going on a project man, I don't want to let it go. I get "stuck on it" So, I guess right now it is The Abbey. I am really close to finishing the first page. Maybe when I finish it I will feel like moving on, besides I need to be working more on Snow Valley Express. I have two months until I want to ship it to my dad for his birthday, and if I don't get working on it, I will miss sending it for his birthday again! Well, I guess I will go work on The Abbey again, a little bit more.

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Cindy said...

Well I do hope that you have gotten caught up on that sleep!!