Friday, December 12, 2008

Progress Photo Friday!

This is going to be a heavy photo post, because I have been stitching my little fingers off and trying to stay with a good rotation...I did mess up a bit, but for the most part I stuck with it! I work on a snowman and 1 large project every day. I am working on 4 large projects, and two snowmen, so I work on three of my large projects twice a week, and one of them only gets one day. And my "main snowman piece" gets stitched 4 days a week and the other only 3. Right now, Jack, or the first photo you see here is my "main man" lol.

This is the Abbey. I have been working on this one for a few years now. I love it, but it seems to keep getting lost in piles of lost and forgotten WIP's, I was hoping to have this one finished by my birthday LAST say I'm a bit behind is an understatement. But! I am on the second page of this 9 pager, so...there HAS been progress!
This is Jim...He is snowman #5 in my 6 snowman series. He is my non-focus snowman piece, he only gets stitched on 3 days instead of 4.
(Jack and Jim...Hmmm...nope, I'm not thinking of Happy hour! LOL!)

This is Howling at the Moon, I am getting close to a finish on the first page! This, too is a 9 pager! It is a fairly new project, I don't remember when I started it. Right now it looks like a bunch of grey crayons threw up! But it will get better!

And here is CH4TH. I think I got quite a little bit done on it the one day I worked on it this week,I think my other rotation day on this one is tomorrow.
And wa-la! that is it! That was a review of my week in stitching!
I have not posted my large #4 project, as that day is today and I have not had it out yet, but I will share that...maybe this weekend!
On another note, I started my new job and I like it so far. But I barely started it last night, so not much to judge by!
Alright, I am off to check e-mails, and read some blogs and get that stitching mojo-enabling thing going on that happens when I read blogs, and then I'm settling in for a nice day of stitching!
Thanks for reading! And for all the comments on my "Big news" I am starting to get excited! I am just one of those people who have apprehensions when it comes to new things, new experiences...weird, I know...but that's me! lol
Have a great Weekend!


Aussie Stitcher said...

Your wips are looking great, and how wonderful that you are able to share your hobby with your DH. JAPAN!! How exciting for both of you, do you have dates yet?

Tama said...

Wow, they all look really nice! I'm way impressed!!!
Good luck with Japan, too!

Shelleen said...

wow, I am impressed

Shell said...

I enjoyed looking through all the pics of the projects on the go.I like to have lots of different things on the go too.

Sharon said...

Nice progress on everything!

Meari said...

Wow, you're stitching right along! Good for you.

Mare said...

Great Job on your rotation!

Wendy said...


I'm Wendy from Belgium. You make very nice things!!! I also love to do cross stitching, but also scrapbooking, cardmaking, patchwork, etc....

Greetings from Belgium,