Thursday, September 30, 2010

P is for Pineapple!

P is for pineapple and for posting goals! LOL...I totally stunk at last months goals.
The only thing I got finished in September was August checkered block! Stitching goal wise, however, I rocked the reading goal...goal was to read 8 books, I finished 9!!! So, you can probably tell with that being said, just where most of my free time went last month! I only have 17 more to read to reach my 75 book challenge for this year. For the 2nd year in a row!! Not bad. =)
I am highly motivated by my pinapple finish to really focus on stitching my smalls this month. I am still working on August smalls- just Q then it's onto September's and maybe (hopefully) I will get caught up and finish October smalls by the end of this month! But that means really staying on top of it...Yikes! Can I do it? I know I CAN, the question is will I let myself be sidetracked by reading and playing on the computer? Hmmm...Only time will tell!
Ok, off to get a start on letter Q!!


Lynn said...

This is a really cute little square Lana. Who is the designer? said...

"P" could also be for "Peaceful Pursuits", whether you are stitching or reading one of those favorite books that you enjoy so much! Enjoy whatever it is that your heart draws you to do!

Tama said...

That's so cute!
Good luck with your goals :D

Blu said...

Cute finish!
Best of luck staying on track. Or if you get lost at least you'll be having fun~

Cindi J said...

I just love these Letter Blocks AND the monthly Checkerd Blocks. Could you tell me who the designer is? I would like to start a rotation like these next year!