Friday, February 02, 2007

my progress photos.

Well, here is my progress for this week, not much done, but a little. And last night I started "January" from Erica Michaels. And here it is, well, the first little bit anyway. the colors are different from the original, I am sorta doing my own thing with this. I think it is going to be alot of fun.
Well, last night it snowed. It snowed a tiny little bit yesterday but melted right off, but we have a dusting this morning. it will prbably be gone by this afternoon. Well, last night I had to take a muscle relaxer for my neck again, and so getting out of bed this morning was a bear, but I did it. Late, but I did it. I like to be up by 7:30, 8 at the latest, but today I didn't roll out of bed until a quarter to 9.
I think today I better pull out Snow Valley Express. I keep talking about pulling it out and haven't yet. But I need to. Well, wish me luck, I hope to get lots of progress on it today.
I have finished working out a stitching rotation:
Mon: The Abbey
Tues: Isaiah

Weds: Holiday Airing
Thurs: Isaiah/Snow Valley Express
Fri: Snow Valley Express/Eeyore

Sat: Monthly pieces from E.M./Holiday Airing
Sun:Monthly pieces/Dare to Dream

So, we shall see how it goes. Well, I am off to make some nice warm Oatmeal and then to stitch my morning away, before I get to the housework.

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Cindy said...

he progress on both pieces looks great! If you are off in your count on our SAL, I can not tell it by the way! It looks amazing! Hope you neck is feeling better!