Tuesday, February 20, 2007

I'm baa-ack!

Hello all! And thank you for your wonderful comments on my progress photos. well, this past weekend, pretty much was horrible, but that's alright, because, well...it's in the past! We were basically going to FL so my DH could help his dad work on putting in plumbing into a house he won in an auction. (Don't ask!) anyway, it is this old victorian house that was built in like 1900 or something, and the last tendent let the place to go to pot, so, it is really run down. They have their work cut out for them, that is for sure. So most of the time we were just at the house or at Home Depot buying LOTS and LOTS of plumbing supplies. The weather was FREEZING! It got in the twenty's at night. Poor Freedom, she had to stay in the drafty old,creepy house while we all got to stay in FIL's nice warm condo...no pets. The drive was L-O-N-G, and we didn't get home until almost 3 this morning, and then poor DH had to get up three hours later and go to work. It was bad, because we both got really sleepy just about an hour from home and like at one point I started seeing double, that is how tired I was! and we didn't want to stop, because we were so close, we just wanted to get home, so, we rolled down the windows and sang Weird Al songs at the top of our lungs to stay awake!! Anyone who saw us would have thought we were drunk or high or something, but there was no way we were gonna pull off to take a snooze half an hour away from home! It was just crazy! I am so glad to put this trip in the past! That house gave me the creeps!
Anyway, stitching wise, when I last posted, I wasn't sure what I wanted to take with me, if anything. I ended up kitting up a small thing I am going to make into a birthday card for my best friend, It has a picture of a sheep wearing a bonnet, and it says "Ewe are special" I will post a picture probably tomorrow. I am still very sleepy from our trip. I feel jet lagged. I didn't even finish the card. I worked on it in the car, when I got really bored. I got some reading done too, but not much!
Basically I just lived a weekend I don't care to re-live-ever.


Cindy said...

Sorry the weekend was so bad but at least you are home now! I am glad that you had a safe trip and are home!!!!

Gill said...

Sorry to hear you had a rough weekend but at least its over now! Have a nice sleep!

Carla said...

orry to hear your weekend was bad...but I'm glad to know your home safe :)