Sunday, February 11, 2007

Happy Saturday

I should post photos today, but I am not, because Hubby is ont he computer, so it will have to either wait until later, or tomorrow, sorry! I just wanted to say thank you Cindy for the tip on google reader! I did it, and boy is reading my blogs much easier now! I love it! It is hard to post comments though, well, not hard, I just have to remember to sign into blogger first, then I can post comments.
Well, yesterday I started reading my 6th book for the year. I am doing so good with my reading! I'm so proud of myself!!! Well, i gotta get going, me and hubby are gonna watch a movie and I just made a scrummy yellowcake, from very first time doing that! I usually just make it from a box. I also made frosting, but I am not sure if we like it yet or not. I will have to see how it is on the cake first, because just to taste it, it taste...weird. But it may be better once it is on the cake itself Anyone want to come over and have some cake?

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Von said...

Mmmmmmm, cake from scratch!! :D