Sunday, June 03, 2012

The Year of the House...The Abbey-progress!

I was thinking about the three pieces I am currently working on and realized that all three of them are of a house! The Abbey-A house, Cozy Re-Tweet?- A bird house, and Coming home for the Holidays-ANOTHER house!! I DO enjoy stitching houses, though, anyone else out there with me who can claim that a nice house makes a great stitching subject?!

Annyway, here is my progress on this piece, I have just been filling in the clouds you see there to the far right! I had a most unproductive weekend when it came to stitching, for some reason the past week or so, I have been EXHAUSTED! I don't know why! I nap when the baby naps, and yet, come 9:00 at night I am ready to tuck in for the night! And this past Saturday was sorta busy, as I went out to lunch with someone who'd been pestering me for weeks to "hang out". I finally gave in and there went my whole Saturday! Grrrr...

So, anyway, there is a big storm out at sea and it looked like it might hit here, but it's turned more east, and it probably won't hit land. Durn! I was hoping my hubby would have a day off. There is just something so deliciously cozy about sitting on the couch with book or stitching quietly while a storm is raging on outside! Oh well, this is barely the beginning of Typhoon season,t here will be more, I'm sure!

That's about it here for me! Happy stitching!


dulcinella said...

Lovely stitching. The abbey for sure is a beautiful project. You're right about it being very cosy to stitch inside while there is a storm, altough I prefer to stitch when there is lots of daylight.

Gems said...

there is something lovely being indoors with loved ones when there is a storm outside, Your house is coming along great, I must admit I have stitched a few houses in my time, mostly at wintertime so they are full of snow etc, and theres nothing better


mdgtjulie said...

There is something cosy about being inside while outside, the storm rages. I remember a few years ago, it was very cold and we got the remains of a hurricane here. Hundreds of thousands of houses lost power because of the ice on the lines. It was terrible. It was okay here though. My house is heated by natural gas, and not electric. I read and stitched by candlelight. It was a nice ambiance, being in the warm house with the candles lit, while outside, it was cold and windy and icy. Hope you and your hubby still get some quality time with each other. And I love your stitching. I'm a bit of a house person too. I don't have any of them started, but I have eleven Marty Bell patterns of different houses. (One may be a church, but don't hold me to that.) They're all lovely. I need to work them into my rotation somewhere.

Carla said...

Your house is looking very nice :)
Hope you're not feeling too tired this days,).

Denise said...

Beautiful stitching. This is going to be a beautiful piece when you get it completed.
Happy Stitching