Friday, November 16, 2012

Slow stitching....Card #3, and some tiny stocking progress

 Yup, that's what I've been doing lately....stitching very slooooowly!!Ok, it's not so much that I'm stitching slowly, but that I have had very little time to devote to it. I started this Christmas card on Halloween day, and finished it on November 15th!!! Ok, so I have a good excuse, we were out of town for 11 days, but still! I can't believe how long it took! At this rate, I will definitely not have all my Christmas stitching done for this year! I shoulda started in June....of 2010!!!! Ha! Oh well, Life happens, right?
Here are the starts to the Littlest Stockings #'s7 and 8.  Again....SLOW! I'm trying so hard not to beat myself up, I have been spending so much time with my daughter (who knew a 20 month old had soooo much energy!)  and that is so much more important than stitching, but I miss being able to just sit down and devote large chunks of my day to a project.

And "The Abbey"? Huh? What's that?! I haven't touched it since before Halloween! Same with "Coming Home For the Holidays", my SAL piece I'm doing with Julie.   I'm not anticipating a whole lot of stitching time next week, either, with Thanksgiving on Thursday. Eh, oh happens, like I said.

Also, I've been sick with a nasty cold this week, so I've been wanting to rest alot more. by the time I tuck the little one in for the night,(around 7pm) it's about all I can do to just sit and stare at the TV for about an hour before I head off to bed. Don't you hate cold medicine buzzes? They are so not productive!! I'm glad I am starting to feel alot better!

Well, it's just about time for the tiny tot to be tucked in for her nap, and I am going to try to get some good stitching in while she's out! I'm hoping she gives me at least a good 2 hours to get something done!


Claudia Valle said...

isnt it crazy how the more you want to finish some projects on time for holiday or especial ocasion ... the less time you get to stitch? I know i have tons of xmas stitching i wanted to get done ..but have only stiched for about an hour this whole week =(

cant wait to see the stockings finished ! they look cute already

Dani - tkdchick said...

I've not had a lot of time for stitching either lately and I'm starting to miss it!!!

That'll be a nice card!