Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Abbey-Progress!

Page 8 is coming along! Slowly but surely! I am working on the front door now! I love it!  Even though it seems to be going slow, I still love this one alot! I haven't put much work into it this week, I got caught up working on my new ornament series "Christmas Critters". Plus I am reading The Stand and I'm really into it! (Yup, some nice Cheery reading for the holidays, huh?) Plus of course all the preparations for Christmas! I've just been taking it easy!

Pllus!!! I am super excited! Tomorrow is DAY 90 in a row for my 90 day Turbo Jam challenge! I did it!!! I made it through a 90 day work out! My Turbo fire showed up two days ago so I will jump right into it on Monday (Yes! Christmas Eve! I will not take the holidays off, if anything, I will work out harder to compensate for all the food I know I will consume!)  I thought Turbo Fire was a 90 day program, but it's a 150 day (5 months) program, so I will be doing JUST Turbo Fire for 90 days and the last 60 I will add P90X to it!! THAT will be a Challenge!!! I'm expecting to see some amazing results!

Well, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! And a great Holiday! Merry Christmas, if I don't get a chance to get back here before then!

And Joyful Stitching!


Aussie Stitcher said...

The Abbey is looking great.

Virpi said...

Wow! Your stitching looks amazing. Thanks for your comment. I try to stitch as fast as I can =D
I want to wish you a very Merry Christmas and stitchy New Year!

Dani - tkdchick said...

Looking great! Have an awesome Christmas!

stitchin' girl said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your blog!! I am addicted to stitching also, although it encompasses knitting, crochet and weaving as well.

I love your Abbey - boy that is a huge project! It's looking great.

The stockings are super cute also!

Brigitte said...

This is a great piece and you made some nice progress on it.
I hope you had a wonderful Christmas holiday!