Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Christmas stockings 5 and 6 and the start of Card #3!

So, yesterday was Halloween. I sat and ate Halloween candy, while watching dvd's of Ghost hunter and stitching...Christmas stuff!!! I feel like it was a game of "What does not belong in this picture?" But, I got alot done so...hurray for productivity!

First up is Christmas Card #3....and as you can see, even from the tiny bit here, I have decided not to stick with stitching that little snowman over and over and over....and over! I just couldn't! I didn't think I could...I knew I'd get bored and need to mix it up, so now I have decided to work on ones that have a folkartsy angel and the words "Joyous Noel", I will probably do 2 of these then a different pattern...I have to have keeps life spicey! LOL

 And here are the littlest stockings #'s 5 and 6! I enjoyed these ones alot! They stitched up pretty quickly! I'm half way through with this series, so six more of these little cuties to do, then I have another set of "Tiny's"...I think they are called "Tiny Christmas Critters"....a bunch of little animals doing Christmas things! LOL.... Then onto the next series....Just gonna work my way through the whole book! =)

A few posts back a few people asked me what book I was stitching these ornaments from and it is called "Christmas Ornaments" By Kooler Design Studio, Inc. 78 Cross Stitch designs."

Thank you for reading! I hope you all had a safe Halloween, and those who were affected by storm Sandy, I pray you are all ok, with minimal damage, or even better yet! None at all! 


Ranae said...

Cute little stitches
I have to get stitching on my Christmas stuff
It will be here before we know it

Brigitte said...

Oh my, I love all these little stockings very much. They are wonderful for ornaments or for Christmas cards. Maybe I can find that Donna Kooler book somewhere.

Caitlin Jordan said...

Gorgeous stitching :D