Monday, April 12, 2010

The Abbey

I am, once again sorry about my bad photography skills! This one is sorta washed out up top, which is where I have actually been working the most on this lately! It has just been a lot of filling in of the clouds! I am hoping to have a finish on page #1 on this one this month. And possibly page #2, this one is also a 9 page pattern, I've finished with page 5 (dead center) and 4 then went up to #1 and over to #2, though I cheated a bit, as I wanted to keep working on the house, so started page 2 I think before #1...oh well, it's all gotta get stitched, right?
Sorry for all the wrinkles! I stitch in hand, so with these largish projects, it just gets quite wrinkled!! And I don't want to drag out the iron EVERY time I post a photo! Sorry, guys, I love you but not that much! lol


Carolyn NC said...

Looks great!

Jules said...

Beautiful progress on the Abbey! I don't think it really matters how you follow a chart, so long as every stitch goes in it's appropriate place.

Looking forward to seeing more of it!!

Margaret said...

Wow! How do you stitch designs like that? Beautiful! I like your other projects too!

Lana said...

Thank you Margaret! All I can say for these big 'uns is "Just take it one stitch at a time"....LOL...thank you for the follow! and thank you all for your wonderful comments!!