Sunday, September 17, 2006


Well, I didn't get much done yesterday, stitching wise...I worked a bit on the blue in the fence, but after work, I was feeling pretty blah. I kept laying down, and I felt like a headache was coming on, and I just felt yick. My wonderful "monthly friend" is about to be avisitng! Perfect timing wouldn't you know, with hubby returning in the next couple hours. (We think) Anyway. So, I am thinking I should do some today, as I know the next few days will be taken up with tending to DH. I have a few other things I got to get doing today in ways of housework. Yes, I have been cheating a bit. I mean no one was here to notice, except me, so why worry! so, I got to get my work done, and then just stitch, I guess. It looks stormy out today, no rain has fallen. we have been having strong winds, which knocked over my fence...again. except only one section disconnected this time, and it hasen't totally fallen over, it is still hanging in there. I'll let hubby fix it! What a nice welcome home gift! =P anyway, well, I had better go get some laundry in the wash and then I think I may sit and stitch, for a bit. I am thinking about making daily goals now...on the halloween piece, I want to finish the cat today, and then I will work a bit on Love Joy Home. and maybe a little on Midnight Watchman, which I still need to show you. I will, don't worry!


Lelia said...

'ugh' -- ditto that TOTM is very unkind to us women. The headache & etc are the pitts. I want to take a hammer to the bathroom scale, too.

Oh well, just hand me the chocolate and Advil. Time for a nap.

Von said...

I'm sure that by now DH has arrived home and you're busy catching up with each other and fence mending.

You can console yourself with the thought that TOTM will not plague you forever, but that brings along its own set of difficulties - it's always something with us women! :D