Monday, September 18, 2006

the longest day of my life!

That was yesterday1 the longest day of my life! it felt a hundred hours long! I was so anxious and excited about hubby coming home, and then! two hours before he was supposed to arrive he calls, and he won't be in until today. Tonight, actually. So, I am still waiting. But, he is in the states now, basically his plane coming over from overseas was late getting in, and they missed their connection flight to Texas. So, they had to reschedule new flights, but in a way it is good, because he was able to get a hotel room for last night and get a decent night's sleep, get a shower, and a good meal. So, he should be all refreshed and happy when he gets here, not all tired and stinky. We have spoken several times since yesterday. So, It is nice to know he is on homeland soil, but I will feel much better when he is in my arms! It is so nice to be able to get ahold of him via his celly again, instead of having to call our air base and have them connect me to his base there!

This morning I worked on Fright Night Friends. I have the cat almost finished. I scared myself, because I had to substitute some of the threads when i started because i didn't have the colors then. And I accidently wrote the number wrong for the orange of the cat, I had written 922, instead of 722, and they are both orange, but 922 is a darker burnt orange, and so I thought that I must have had to buy new stuff since the last time i had worked on it and the dye lot was completely different! but then I decided to look and see if there was a mistake, and yup, there was. Thank goodness. It was quite a scare I had. I thought I was going to have to totally frog everything I had stitched and start over with the new "dye lot color" . Well, I am gonna go get back to stitching, I am going to try to get the cat done today, before I head out to get my husband tonight. I am so excited!!!!

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Lili said...

Happy dance for your husband's return! It's GREAT news!