Saturday, September 16, 2006

Did i say the 22nd? i meant the 25th!

Now I find myself back peddling! I know originally I spouted off the 22nd as the day for finishing Fright Night Friends, but yesterday I did no stitching at all. So, I am going to say the 25th as the finishing day, that's a nice round even number, where the heck did 22 come from?! So, as of right now my Fright Night Friends should be done by the 25th. Thank you all who left a comment on it! I love this piece, it is so cute! Last year I was in the mood to decorate my home for the holidays and I realized I had no stitched projects to decorate with, so I started looking though various magazines to find something, that and the Midnight Watchman (a scarecrow) popped out at me, and I started them, however, didn't finish them. So, I will try to get some stitching in today, Hubby is due home at the beginning of next week! So, I have quite a bit to do to get ready for his return.

I think I will go sit and stitch for a bit (only about 20-25 minutes as I have to get ready for work soon) but I am off work at 2 today so I should have all this evening to get some stitching in. Oh! I know why I haven't worked on cross stitching, I was working on piecing my quilt top together. (By hand) Yesterday that is what I did for most the day. But today will be a cross stitch day. Well, happy stitching!

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Pam said...

The 25th sounds like a great number to me! ;) How exciting that your DH is coming home, I bet you are so happy. Will check back later to see if you've updated with any progress!