Monday, September 11, 2006

scratch that...maybe

I know in one of my posts from yesterday I said I had my goals down and everything. Well, I need to add two new pieces to that goals list...last year I started two fall pieces, one was for Halloween, it has a cute picture of a boy dressed up as a pumpkin with a halloween trick or treat bag, and a cat, and the big bright moon, which is called Fright Night Friends, and I also started a Scarecrow as well, called The Watchman. and I never finished either one for the season last year, and I am pretty sure if I put my mind (And needles) to it I should be able to get them done for Halloween this year.So, my new goal is to finish the Fright Night Friends by...hmmm...Lets say Sept 22nd, and The Watchman by Oct 5th. Sure, why not? I just randomly pulled those two dates out of my hat. Let's see if I can get it all done. So, as of right now I have three projects to complete, very soon, (Love Joy Home, which I still want to try to get done by Oct 1st) and these two fall pieces as well. Good luck to me!


Faith Ann said...

Your Easter bell pull is adorable!!

Good luck meeting your Halloween project goals... sounds like quite the scientific method you have of selecting dates LOL. (It matches mine!)

Pamela said...

Good luck on getting your deadlines met. I had high hopes of doing something for autumn, but I don't think it's going to happen. I'll have to live through you and cheer you on!

AnneS said...

Good luck on your stitching deadlines ... nice to see Love Joy Home back out again, and your Halloween one looks good :)