Sunday, August 06, 2006

Get me off this pedistal!

There is a girl at my work who desperately wants to become my best friend. She dog sat Freedom while I went to California, and that is how she got my phone number! Since I have been home she calls me two-four times a day! She wants to hang out, she wants to come over, she wants a ride to work, she wants us to take a day and go into Dallas. She wants to know what I'm doing, and where I'm going and who I'm doing it with and if when I'm done, can her and I do something, or can she tag along? She has become a major annoyance! She doesn't get it! I don't want to hang out, I don't want to go into Dallas, I don't want to give her a ride to work, I don't want to call her back, and no, she cannot hang out with me and my friends! Last night, she called and this was her message,(seeing as how I have been avoiding her calls, thanks to caller id!)
"Lana! Give me a call! I need to know when or if you work tomorrow!"
O.k. correct me if I'm wrong, but there are possibly two people who would NEED to know that information, me and my husband, and MAYBE my boss. I mean if she had said "Hey, I was wondering what time you work tomorrow, can I get a ride?" I MAY have called her back, but "I need to know when or if you work tomorrow!" ??????!!!!!! Um...I don't think so! I don't think she is on a need to know basis on that point.
Well, thanks again for listening to my venting again. I haven't been stitching much the past couple of days, I have been working a lot, and looking for a new car. Haven't found anything yet. Well, I think I may go do some stitching before heading off for work this morning. Bye!


Faith Ann said...

Ughhh... she sounds incredibly annoying. Doesn't your lack of returning calls give her a hint?

natty68 said...

ooh she sounds a bit needy.. I agree with faith ann, hasn't she got the hint yet..

Juanita - aka flosslady said...

Oh my... it sounds like one of my former co-workers may have found you. LOL I had one at my office, and I refered to her as "stalker-ific". That about sums it up.

The best thing I can tell you is to answer her 'questions' as briefly as possible, and only when you have to. And, most importantly, don't ask her any questions in return... she'll see it as an invitation to conversation.