Saturday, August 04, 2007

Happy Saturday!

GASP!!! Don't faint everyone! I am actually posting again!!! LOL! I don't know why my blogging mojo has gone out the window! It is crazy...when I look back on 2005 archives, I blogged here almost EVERY day and now it's like pulling teeth to get me here, and yet I blog at my other sites regularly! And I still enjoy looking at other's stitching blogs very much, and enjoy watching people's progress and am still very inspired by other blogs, I just haven't wanted to blog here myself.

Yesterday I didn't get any stitching done, but I wanted to show a picture of the chart I want to buy from Herschners:

This is the picture taken off the Herschners website. I am so in love with wolves! And this one is GORGEOUS! I HAVE to have it. I got "The Gaze" awhile back...a wolf with an orange background, and there is another one that I want, but I can't find it on the website right now.

So, anyway, it is still early and I am just waiting for Hubby to get up and get going so we can leave for The city. I think I should try to kit something up for the ride, however, if we have good weather, chances are we will ride with the top down, which means, no stitching as it will be too windy!! Oh well, I'll take it and if I don't get to work on it then oh well, but better to have it and not get to it than to want it and not have it! I may also just take my Harry Potter book I am reading. I am now on #4. Did anyone else who read the Potter series find the beginning of 4 a bit dull and doldrum? Because I have been having a hard time getting into it like I did the first three, but hubby says to hang in there, it gets better. So, that is what I shall do.

Hope you all have a terrific weekend!!


Vonna said...

Yes do hang in there you won't regret it! Very exciting :)
Hope you have a great day in the city!

Hazel said...

Very nice chart. xx

stitcherw said...

The wolf project will be gorgeous, as to HP, hang in there they just keep getting better.

Virpi said...

I love wolvest too and the design that you wanted is gorgeous! I wish I'm able to see it stitched in your blog in the future =)

kpn said...
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kpn said...
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