Thursday, August 02, 2007

August already?!

Wow! I have still not posted photos, I am being such a lazy blogger! Well, not really, today is my last day for the summer term, I have my final today, and as I am a huge procrastinator I waited until this week to do all my assignments, and so I have been really busy trying to finish everything up and also study for my final. So after today I'm a free woman, until august 25th which starts the fall term. It is really bad! Well, I guess seing as how it's a new month it is time for me to download the August Erica Micheal's monthly freebie! Yesterday I had the itch to get started on it, thinking I had printed the pattern out already, but apparently not, so after I finish here I will do that, and get started on it today!

I have really been going to town on "Dare to Dream". When I'm not reading HP. I am now on the 4th book! They are such fast reads!!! I love them! I am so glad they have gotten longer as the series goes on...more to the story! So, as I finish each book me and DH have been watching the corresponding movie, so last night we bought and watched "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban" again. We had a really bad thunderstorm while we watched it too, which was sorta befitting to the movie itself! I kept thinking about picking up my stitching, but never got to it, as I love a good storm and watched the movie with the lights out so I could enjoy watching the wind and lightning and rain out the window! The thunder was so bad at times I thought the windows were gonna vibrate until they broke!

Well, so I wanted to share these pictures with you: The first off is July freebie by Erica Micheals:

AAAKKK! Blogger is not wanting to upload photos today! Stupid thing! Ok, well, I guess I will post pictures later...again! Sorry! Well, I guess it's alright as I need to get going and study some more before my test at 1:00. 5 short hours!!! It's nice to think that in 7 short hours this will all be over!!! Then no school for a 23 days! Yippee!

To celebrate hubby is taking me stash shopping and then we are going to Fort Worth and going to the Science Museum there, for the Star Wars exhibit that is traveling the US right now. So, We are excited about that! my parents took my nephew to go see it at their museum in Anaheim about two months ago, and they were gloating that my hubby (who is a die hard star wars fan) didn't get to see it, (jokingly teasing him!) but now it's here so we get to gloat back! He he!

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Jamie said...

Hey thanks for visiting my blog. I've enjoyed reading yours. Thanks so much for the supportive comments. I really do believe in things happening for a reason and in time I'll figure out what that reason is. I hope you can post pics soon! I've added you to my blog list, hopefully that's cool with you.