Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Wow, it's been awhile...

Hi! I have not been around much lately...sorry about that!!! I seriously just don't know where time goes! I have been reading a lot...I have to confess...I had never read the Harry Potter series...until Saturday that is. My hubby and I went to a HP book release party, because he loves the books, and we had ours reserved to be picked up at 12:01. And So we went and I decided I was finally going to start reading them. I'd been meaning to, but I have a LONG list of books to be read right now. I am an Amazon.com Junky...I love buying used books (although be careful who you buy from...I bought one from someone once and they never sent it to me- 4$ down the drain!) So, I have stacks of books that still need to be read, and so I thought next year maybe I will fit it in. Well, I decided after all the hooplah about the book party friday I was going to start the first one Saturday. I am now on the second. I love them!!! I had seen the movies before but I didn't really appreciate the whole storyline because I hadn't read the books, I think I understand now more what was going on, so I watched HP #1 again last night, and my! how much more sence it seemed to make!! LOL! So, there is a new Harry Potter Freak amongst us!

Anyway, so enough about my reading...this is a stitching blog afterall! So, although I have not been here at my blog I have been reading other blogs and commenting here and there, and I HAVE been stitching.

I think when I left you last I was all gung ho on Holiday Ariing...well not anymore! Nothing happened, no frogs or anything like that, we are still on "friendly terms," but you know me and my flitting infatuations! I have since flitted over to Patchwork Teddy's, and I worked on that for a bit(abou ta week) and then decided that I wanteded to work on Dare to Dream, so have been steadily working on it the past 3 or 4 days. I did finish my July freebie too!

I will share photos later, right now I'm late for an appointment, so gotta fly!


stitcherw said...

Glad you're enjoying the HP series, they are fun reads. Looking forward to seeing your pictures when you get them posted.

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Can't wait to see your stitching pics!

Hazel said...

Have never been into Potter. Not my sort of thing unless we are talking Beatrix Potter that is lol. Good to see you around. xx

Juls said...

Hi Lana,
Thanks for visiting my blog! You are a fast reader! HP is so fun glad you finally got the bug to read HP! Oh and Storm is a mix....akita/bullbog/sharpei?? no american bull according to the vet...I'm adding you to my blog roll hope you don't mind!