Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A few changes going on for the new year.

I am sooo excited for the new year!!! I have soooo many goals and things in mind for it! I have been revamping quite a few things, mostly here online. I have decided to focus mostly on things that I am passionate (hobby-wise) about...that being mostly Reading and stitching.

At first I thought maybe I'd try to combine my book blog and this one and see how that goes, but I decided not to do that...I did however decide to put my goodreads feed on my sidebar here as well as my twitter feed. So, if anyone is at twitter or goodreads, feel free to follow me, or add me at goodreads!!! My book blog addee is on my goodreads account, so if you are interested in following me there that'd be awesome...I need more followers there.

To be honest, I'm sorta ashamed of my book blog, I don't put enough time into that one as I should. I LOVE to read (obvious by my reading 75 books this year!) but I always have a hard time writing about them, then later I look back and want to see review them, I have no record of them. So, please, come follow me at my book blog, it might help me be more active there...I sure hope so...

So, along with focusing mostly on my reading and stitching blogs, I want to try to stay away from networking sites as much as possible, as they are a sensless waste of time. Yes, they ARE great for keeping in touch with family and friends, but Facebook has truly just become a thorn in my side. I LOVE it toooooo much, and I play the games and I chat with friends, and I read their statuses, and comments and comment on their pages and after a few...or alot...of hours, I get off the computer and just feel so frustrated and disappointed in myself for doing that, as I usually lay out my day when I wake up, and let me just say that I never do actually schedule 3-5 hours of time on the computer, however, I find my self doing just that! And it annoys the junk outta me!! So, it is time to make a change!!!!

I'm sorry,this post is alot of rambeling....I know. I just have all these things in my head that I wanted to get out in the open. Does anyone else feel like this? Like the computer rules their life? And they are sick of it? I'm ready to let go, and embrace some of the other things I am passionate about, like writing, and reading, and stitching, and quilting, and scrapbooking, and working out. There is a whole wide world that ISN'T on the web, and I wanna go play in it!!!

So, all that to say come visit me at twitter, and goodreads, and my book blog. I would love to have you there!

Here is the link to my book blog if you'd like to drop in....I could use some friends there!


Julie said...

Yes, I totally agree that the networking sites are a waste of time. That's why I have such difficulty concentrating on my thesis...all those stupid games on Facebook! LOL

I am now a follower on your reading blog!

debs said...

Hi Lana! Julie too! I'm with you on Facebook and the game addiction! LOL! I lost alot of stitching time! And the stitchers I met--slowly but surely--send more time gaming than stitching--sad! I'm hoping here I can meet some stitching buddies who love to stitch and spend their spare time stitching! The original reason I joined facebook!LOL!! debs

Susan said...

My favorite hobbies are reading and stitching too! I will add you as a friend on Goodreads too!

Juanita said...

I feel your pain about Facebook! I'm trying to cut back too, and getting more stitching done now. :)