Thursday, April 30, 2009

STRESSSSSSED!!!!!!! And some progress and a New Start

This is my Newest start by Ink Circles...I think it's called BOINK (Book of Ink Circles) It's a big'un. But I've liked it for awhile...alot of tedious counting now on the frame but it will get better!
And The Abbey...I have almost finished page 4 and have cheated and started working my way up to page 1. (Atop of 4)
So that is progress for other news....and a rant...venting...sorry.

I am so stressed out right now I'm shaking!!! The first load of stuff gets picked up by the movers TOMORROW!!! This is stuff that should arrive fairly soon after we arrive, things that we will need to survive everyday life for the first few months until the BIG motherload with ALL our household goods shows up!

The thing is...we won't leave HERE for another THREE weeks!!!! So the question is: What can I live without for the next three weeks, that I will not be able to live without for two months after I get there?! I am wracking my brain! So, this morning staying true to who I am, I cut extra lengths of the threads for the kitted projects I am working on now, and then taped my floss boxes shut tight, and put them in the pile! I feel like I am shipping off my baby! But I can't take everything with me in my luggage.

Oh yeah, just to clarify...I leave HERE in three weeks, then will be spending two more weeks at my parents in still over a month until we actually go overseas. So I have to have enough luggage to last me for the two weeks in Cali, plus however long before the first shipment of stuff actually shows up over there. So these three kitted projects I am taking with me to Cali have to be well stocked to get me through a little over a months worth of stitching.

Not to mention that my ENTIRE house holds worth of stuff will be shipped off 10-12 days before we leave! Which means sitting in an empty house for almost 2 weeks!!! No computer, No TV...that leaves: Stitching and Reading!!! Which is fine by me, but I gotta make sure I have enough stuff to keep me occupied for that time.
So yes, I am stressin'. I only have 2 hours until I have to go to work, so frantically trying to think of anything that needs to go out tomorrow...I am hoping they don'ty show up until afternoon. That way hubby will be here (He took the day off to help with the shipping) and we can think together of things.
Ok, off to breath deep and try to think of more stuff, then take a relaxing bubble bath and read before work. I think I may be bald by the time I reach Japan!

Sorry for the rambly venting post...but I feel a bit better now! =) Thanks for listening!


J Rae said...

So sorry about the stress. Hopefully the next couple of weeks will go quickly.

Your progress looks great.

Chars said...

I completely understand your stress!! Moving is always stressful even if it is just down the street.

The last time we moved - we moved from one side of Australia to the other and bottom to top - if you can follow me.

I had a baby in the hospital - a real estate that wanted to keep showing people through our house even though it was a total mess and I had a sick baby...I was working nights - Hubby was working days... and to be honest I have no idea when I slept? How I functioned or how we managed to arrive without mental breakdown.

Our complete household was picked up 12 days before we were to leave. So we "CAMPED OUT" in the house on mattress'es and some borrowed stuff from friends.

We survived - and you will also :) You will arrive unpack and wonder what you were worried about.

PS - sorry this is so LONG!!

Terry said...

Breathe; now enjoy that lovely bubble bath and be sure to keep a couple of books for you to read. You can always leave them at your Mom's if you finish them.

Good luck with all the packing!

Carolyn NC said...

Take a deep breath and'll be done before you know it! Hope everything goes smoothly and keep us posted! Love the Abbey!

Anonymous said...

Nope, we can't have that stress messing with you. Hang in there hon!

GoldenAngelsWorks said...

Your stitching is wonderful.

Sorry about all the stress moving is doing for you.

Hopefully you will be over this soon.

Jennifer/OH said...

Hi Lana, Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I stopped by here to see some of your stitching and WOW!!!a move to Japan gets thrown in there. Yikes, that must be stressful...but exciting. I hear they have some great stitching stuff there. All sorts of new design themes, charts, threads etc.
We moved all over the place for the first 5 years we were married, but never overseas. I hate being without "my stuff".
Love your Tomstone Angel. That one is on my to-be-stitched-soon list.

Dani - tkdchick said...

The Abbey is beautiufl!

Yup I'd be stressed too!

CindyMae said...

Just remember who is in control!! God knows what He is doing, so just leave it to him! I understand that you must be stressed but it will be ok!!!! I am praying for you!

Your new start looks awesome and your progress on your WIP is just gorgeous!

Meari said...

Your WIPs look good!