Sunday, August 29, 2010

Better do this now, I don't know when I'll get the chance to again....

I really need to post photos of my July smalls!! I never even got around to doing my August ones, but I will, don't worry! However, I figure I better do this now, because we are expecting a typhoon to hit tonight, and so we may loose power for who knows how long, so wanted to post these while I can.

Here's my monthly checkered block:

And here are my alphabet blocks:

I am thinking that with this storm on the way I may find myself with plenty of time to do some stitching, if we loose power. Can't play on the computer! So, I may get caught up on these smalls afterall.

Well, I am off to make sure we have everything in our typhoon kit,(water, non perishable foods, batteries, etc.) and get everything off our balcony so nothing goes blowing around once the winds kick up to 65 miles or higher) an hour!

Happy stitching!


Shelleen said...

stay safe. If you lose power hope to see some finishes.

Blu said...

Cute finishes.
Stay safe through the typhoon.

Kajsa said...

Nice finishes!

Lynn said...

Lovely finishes! That little owl is so cute.
I hope you stay safe through the typhoon.